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After Dark - Chapter Sixty-Three

After Dark - Chapter Sixty-Three

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Out of time...


The hunter coughed and wheezed as he waded through the murkiness of the woods, out of breath and he was near the fire when he tripped over roots, skidding along the damp ground. The earth was cold, it smelt musky and he scampered to his feet, his face muddy as he held his rifle up when he heard the beast growl behind him. Sebastian Gates stood waving it here and there while he ambled backward. Mud slid down his face and into his eyes, he shook his head as he tried to focus. He was hyper ventilating, and his aim was shaky. The only thing he could hear was the drumming of his heart; he could smell the foul unearthly thing. Slowly treading backward his gun flung from side to side. His back struck a tree and he spun and fired, Sebastian swallowed his heart as the gunfire ricochet. The beast rumbled within the darkness surrounding him, and Sebastian felt it in his chest as he turned in circles nervously.


This was no ordinary wolf he thought it to be; no… it was that of an actual monster. His heart thundered in his head like a drum, his ever so steady hand now shook with fear. An owl hooted, Sebastian spun and fired, the flash from the muzzle lit the area. The beast was not there, not beside him, but now behind him as he heard it growl. The hunter froze, his hairs stood on end and tiny tingles surged through him. He heard it breathing and snort, slowly he turned his heard. Its yellow eyes shined among the vapours, Sebastian cocked his rifle and it jammed. It moved toward him soundless, repeatedly he pulled on the lever, his heart pounded and pulsated in his throat, he could do nothing but watch hopelessly as it slinked its way toward him. Finally, the chamber slid closed and he brought up his rifle, the beast stood still, its teeth showing and it snarled. ‘Click’


Sebastian’s heart stopped. He was out of bullets and out of time. The beast grumbled and saliva dripped from its bloody fangs. Sebastian’s head tilted back while he watched in horror as the beast rose onto its hind legs and tower over him.


He screeched…


The beast roared and slashed at him with its talons, severing his tendons on Sebastian’s throat, blood spurted and he gurgled as he grasped his throat falling against a tree slowly sliding down. In Sebastian’s now widened eyes, the beast crawled forward slowly. Its teeth can be seen in their reflection. The monster roared and tore into him with its fangs and devoured him.


The moon in its majestic sphere, shone brightly in the night sky, an owl perched in a tree, turned its head with its big black eyes, watching the animal tear away at its prey.


The wolf wailed into the night.


© 2017 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
more to follow soon

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Added on October 14, 2017
Last Updated on October 14, 2017

After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear