After Dark - Chapter Six

After Dark - Chapter Six

A Chapter by lawrence bear

You don't know me yet kid!


It sprang forward slashing at Paul, the first one to the scene, tearing into his shoulder as he moved out of the way in the nick of time. Bloody and wounded, the beast runs into the darkness as gunfire chases it. Snarling as it disappears into the shadows of the forest.

“Paul… Paul, you alright?” Rudy shouts to Paul as another gunshot rang out.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Don’t worry about me kid,” he grunts and gets up as they try to help him. “Tend to Stephen over there.” He shines his light toward the hills biting his lips in pain. The beast’s call can be still heard off in the distance.

“Greg!” he calls.

“Yeah Paul!”

“Round up your gear. We have some hunting to do.”

“I’m not going out there Paul, are you crazy? Not with that thing out there!” a howl is heard up in the hills. “And wh, what in God’s name… was that?” he muttered.

“It’s wounded, damn nearly dead too… But we have to find it... kill it. Before it finds someone else, someone in the next village. Do you want that on your shoulders Greg?”

He hesitates. “No.”

“Saddle up!” Paul finished before another chilling howl from the beast cuts into the air.

Turning his head from the hills, he notices, Stephen wrestling to talk; blood spurts out from his mouth, he gasps his last breath of air before slumping over in Rudy’s arms. They stood over in bereavement; the beast can be heard again.

Paul stands motionless for a moment, before he speaks. “With God as my witness, I will hunt this thing down, kill it... or die trying.”


In the hills another ghastly howl fills the air.

“Sure doesn’t sound like it’s near dead to me Paul! It sounds pissed,” Greg looked at Paul. “And we better patch you up before we go. I don’t want you failing on me up there, in those hills with that thing, we need you.”

“It’s just a scratch,” Paul sticks a cigarette in his mouth, “Nothing I can’t handle.”

Rudy chuckles, “I don’t get it. Which is more dangerous? You... or that bloody thing out there?”

“Well, you don’t know me yet kid!” he blows smoke as looks up to the hills, taking another drag, “Don’t know me yet!” a grin crawls on his face.

© 2010 lawrence bear

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Brave men in the chapter. To take responsibility to kill a beast. I like the conversation and the desire of the men. A excellent chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

It's progressing well. Check your tenses when you start rewriting. The first sentence in this mixed past and present tenses. I find myself doing it in my first copies too.

It sprang toward them and slashes at Paul

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on August 26, 2010
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Tags: fantasy, thriller, horror, suspense, mystery

After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

Fisher River, Northern Manitoba, Canada

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A Story by lawrence bear

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