After Dark - Chapter Seven

After Dark - Chapter Seven

A Chapter by lawrence bear

And then there was three


A half hour had passed; the moon slowly sifts in and out from behind the clouds. Greg and Rudy are packing their gear on the horses outside of Paul’s. They look when the door opens; the big man heaves something over his shoulder. Town folk began to gather around, talking amongst each other before one asked, “What was that horrid yowl?” Greg looks over to Paul before looking back at the man who asked and told them, that some wolf perhaps had killed Stephen. And they must hunt down the animal, before it comes back to kill again since now it has taste for human blood.

“But it’s just three of you!” One woman blurted.

“Yeah, three is all we need!” Paul strikes a match and lights another cigarette. “Besides, I don’t see your man loading his gear and willing to come, look at them. They’re all too scared of a little wolf, so mind your business old woman, and leave it to the big boys.” Paul looks back to his wife and receives a kiss from his lady and then embraces her for a moment.


Greg cracks a smile, young Rudy’s smile catches Paul’s eye.

“What’s with the smile, kid?” he retorts.

“Nothing, can’t I smile?” Rudy replies.

“You smile like that where you’re from? And where exactly are you from?” Paul asks while tightening his saddle.

“Winnipeg. Why?”

“City folk, I hate city folk. Well kid, when you meet the devil face to face. Make sure you smile like too.” Paul had said as he swung his leg over the horse.

“Jesus. What did I do?” Rudy utters.

“Ah, lay off Paul, he’s only visiting the wife and me for a short while.”

“Out here in the wild, you have to be tough kid; you can’t be scared of nothing.”

“I’m here right now ain’t I?”

“City folk.” Paul shakes his head. “Always think they’re tough.” Paul winks at Greg, “E-yah!” and kicks his heels.

“Why do I bother…?” Rudy says under his breath.

“Ah, suck it up kid,” Greg chimes in. “you got him on a good evening.” He smirks before he follows Paul’s lead and then they gallop out.

© 2012 lawrence bear

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given the pace of these short chapters, plus the and then, and then, and then nature to them, im going to skip ahead 5 chapters at a time and get an overview of this

Posted 8 Months Ago

Good conversation and brave men. I like the pace and the desire of this tale. Thank you for the excellent story.

Posted 6 Years Ago

A good solid base. Gives some background information and a glimpse of the other people and their attitudes.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

Fisher River, Northern Manitoba, Canada

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A Story by lawrence bear

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