After Dark - Chapter Eight

After Dark - Chapter Eight

A Chapter by lawrence bear

The hunt begins


Reaching the hills that over look the big valley, the clouds block the moon once again, and the air is cool. The horse Paul rides is uneasy, and motions backward.

“Easy girl.” He tells it.

“It’s probably long gone from here.” Rudy had said.

“What is it? What the hell are we chasing anyway? I have never seen a damn wolf that looked like that!” Greg looks at Paul as he lights a cigarette.

He takes a drag, and lets out a puff.

“What ever it is,” he takes another long drag, “I’m going to make a rug out of it.” Smoke sifts out of his mouth as he speaks.

Rudy grabs the rim of his hat, and runs his hand through his hair, “So…where do you think…” Rudy is cut short from his sentence as the beast lets out a grunt as the moon pokes out from behind the clouds as they roll over.


Another gut wrenching howl echoes across the valley. Greg’s stomach tightens; Rudy looks at Paul with his eyes now wider than usual. Paul is calm as he sneaks another drag, listening to where the howls come from. He reaches back to his bag. He unravels the blanket, pulling out his gun.


Looking down on the valley, as he loads his rifle. His cigarette in his mouth, with each bullet, as he puts into the chamber, he glances out toward where he thinks it is. A growl can be heard, which sounded more like a roar. The beast lets out another howl, which sounds much closer. The horses jump back, snorting. Paul controls his horse.

“Looks like were walking from here.” Paul dismounts his horse.

Rudy swallows hard, “What?”

“You got to be kidding, you’re insane.” Greg is uneasy about the situation. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Quiet!” Paul blurts out. “You hear that?”


The bushes 100 yards ahead of them rustle. Rudy freezes, the horses jump and try to run, and Paul grabs the reins of his horse, to stop her from running. Greg is bucked off, and his horse takes off running.

“Rudy grab her!” Paul raises his voice. “Rudy...”

Rudy is fighting with his own horse, and with a puzzled look on his face. Paul mounts his horse quickly and chases the run away steed.

“Paul!” Greg shouts out, “My gun…” he now turns to Rudy. He grabs the reins and helps him regain balance,

“Rudy…” he slaps him on the leg, “Rudy! Snap out of it man. Where’s your rifle?”

“It’s here,” he reaches back for it. “Here, take it.” His hands are shaking wildly.


            A loud grunt and growl surrounds them, the darkness blankets them and leaves them open to what ever it is, to creep around on them.

Rudy’s horse jumps and stands on its hind legs throwing him off. Greg turns to see, fighting the darkness; using what light the moon gave. He looks at Rudy now lying on the ground as his horse gallops away snorting.  He glances around, then back to Rudy, and then something yellow catches the corner of his eye.


Its eyes are fixed on them, those yellow glinting eyes. Greg’s heart begins to race, pounding hard in his chest. Rudy gasps and gulps down a mouth full of air. The tingles that run through their body, a cold feeling has come to them and the fear over takes them…

© 2010 lawrence bear

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A very good chapter. I like the conversation and then the dangerous situation. In the environment of the beast. They can have the advantage. A outstanding chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I wondered when the horses were going to sense it...for god's sake's we all know to

Posted 6 Years Ago

Lots of motion and action in this chapter. I've never heard of unraveling a blanket in the way you are using it . . . when I unravel one I'm literally taking it apart lol.

Posted 8 Years Ago

really captivating

Posted 8 Years Ago

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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear

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