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            Long ago, there was a time when mystical creatures had roamed our continent. These magical creatures were Unicorns, Fairies and the Little People along with other things. Long before the Europeans had set foot on this land, what we now know as the North and South American continent. It was inhabitant by the native people who have come across the land following the Buffalo; for it was their food source.

The natives soon discovered what other creatures had occupied the land besides the buffalo. They were not afraid but more curious of these amazing creatures, where as a ceremonial dance was given and it had brought together the natives, fairies and the little people in harmony. Soon the natives lived among the little people along with Fairies and the Unicorns ran free. The Fairies would often play with the children as the hunters went in search of food, and while the women had sewed and prepared meals.


The natives were later told of another creature that roamed among the forest. And these creatures the fairies had named were the ‘Stick People.’ for they blended in with the forest and remained unseen, until they wanted to be seen. Legend has it, that the stick people are Giants and pose as guardians of the forest, that all whom enters should respect the forest and its dwellers, and it will respect you. They have been here for centuries, long before the little people resided here. And long before the Fairies. It is said they were here for thousands of years.

It was a different world then, a vast world of mountains, valleys and large trees among the forest lines where these things had roamed without fear… fear wasn’t known yet. But all that soon changed when the first settlers and visitors from another world had come. It would shortly change everything surrounded by the land. A vast kingdom would soon vanish, as people would grow greedy for land and tear down the forest, to make room for farming, homes and towns. It would drive everything from within the forest… away into hiding.

Prior to the event, all creatures went into hiding; and it was the little people who have come up with a magical spell that would hide all Fairies, the Little People and the Stick People of the forest. However, nothing could be done for the Unicorns, the magic charm would not work and they remained seen. All that the little people could do for the Unicorns was cast a hex to rid of their horns and they too will never be the same. And then slowly one by one, all the Unicorns horn vanished and become a horse. As the destruction of the land began, the horse ran wild trying to escape, and when man had seen them, they wanted them and soon were later captured and were led to do work to build, farm and be used as transportation. Before long, all the wild horses were captured, and so the unicorn was no more.


There are many folk tales of encounters with fairies, encounters of giant beings that walk within the forest, and there have also been encounters of little people. These were tales passed down from one generation to generation to the next.


These folklore tales became legendary.

But soon Legends would become myth, and myth would soon turn into fairy-tales. And all living things within this kingdom would be lost and forgotten… forever.

© 2011 lawrence bear

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I love fantasy stories, as I am collecting for when my child is old enough to read someday, and I love the start of this story. You got me from the first sentence and of course I just had to keep reading. I do see that you only have one chapter to this story...I hope you write more like this!

Posted 7 Years Ago

When I starting from the beginning with the mystical thing and then unicorns kinda made me think. Hey, is chief doing some mixing here and then realized it was categorized also, in fantasy. Then, I let that go by me and the rest sounded intriguing. No dis-respect brother, and usually I don't critic someone's thoughts and all. Peace!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ooh. This sounds very interesting ;]

Posted 7 Years Ago

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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear

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