Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by lawrence bear

I only wish my car were a time machine, or just a little bit faster.


As children growing up, we may somewhere in our youth, encounter something that is hard to comprehend. The fact is that all children see a whole different world, a world what adults cannot see. From time to time children tell what they had seen, and every now and then adults may laugh or say it’s cute and they never believe what was said. Adults don’t understand the world children see, and sometimes they forget what they have been shown while others come to believe the things they saw was an imaginary friend, an imaginary world… And it was nothing but a dream and then eventually forgets all about that world.



As far-off as I can remember, to as far back to a time when I was nine years old, where my grandmother lived in a mystical land, a place that was her home in British Columbia, she lived in the country just outside of Langley. Thinking back to her house, my mind tells me; it was only yesterday that I have arrived to grandmothers. My head is filled with so many wonderful memories as I make my way out there. I am anxious and cannot wait to see the place again.


That place… how it all takes me back… memories sweeping me to a time line I thought I had forgotten.

It recoils within me now, my head cascading with those events. How everything seems the same, it was like… I had never left at all.


My ears remember the humming of the birds singing; so delightful, so stunning, the sound brings my ears back to life. My memories eye retains it. And I can still see the vast meadows, the beautiful structured mountains, the valleys and the waters that flowed sparkling from the sunlight. The beauty of it all soaks in; I only wish my car were time machine, or just a little bit faster.

Grandma, I whisper with a smile, how I remember her smile, her scent…

It feels like she is here with me at this very moment. I swear I can feel her presence, and the warmth of her hugs. I wonder why I waited so long to come back. Many years have passed and I am a grown man of thirty-seven years of age now. Such a lengthy time to fetch back memoirs, and yet they are so vivid. My childhood could play like a movie roll; those times I was at grandmas and it almost does as I drive out to her place.

But I am interrupted…


“Dad!” Bobby calls to me, snapping me out of my daydream. “How much farther do we have to go? I have to pee.”

“Can’t you hold it for a few more minutes? We’re almost there.” I ask him.

“No dad, I can’t.”

I look at Bobby through the mirror. “I’ll pull over.”

“What? Here, you want me to use the washroom here?” he looks at me with disbelief.

“What can I do, we’re about five miles from grandmas”

“Oh forget it,” he grumbled and got out of the car. “If I get eaten by a bear, I’m telling mom.”

“How are you going to tell mom, if you’ve been eaten?” I really wanted to say that out loud. But I chuckled to myself, trying to hold it in as best as I could, so I just bit my lip and held it in.


Before long we were back on the road. I had wanted Martha to come with us, to be a family gathering but she had to work and couldn’t miss, and Bobby well, he was reluctant to come. I wanted to share some time with him and show him the place I use to come as a boy. I’d come here all the time before my dad got a job in Winnipeg, and so we had to move from Vancouver.

And my visits, well, they stopped. Grandma lived to far and mom wouldn’t let me ride the bus alone, so, as time went by, I finished school and went to college, got my degree and got me a good paying job back in Vancouver. You’d think I would have time to go see Grandma, I got so busy with my own life, I really didn’t have time to go visit her in Langley, not as much as I liked to anyway. But I always sent for her to come up and spend time with us. To sort of make up for that time I suppose, I don’t know.

            “How much further dad? My batteries are dying for my PSP.”

            “You know when I was your age…” that was as far as I had got.

            “Yeah, yeah, you had no games like we do, you ran and climbed trees. You use to go to the movies with a quarter, buy popcorn and a drink and still have fifteen cents left over, and you had to walk seventy miles to school in your pyjamas, uphill in a blizzard… I’ve heard this before you know.”


            I could only laugh at his remark; it sounds funny hearing from him. Do I say that all the time? It makes me think now, grandpa use to say that all the time too, now I’m repeating it. I see were bonding already. Well, I can’t complain.


© 2011 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
More to come soon. :) I hope you liked the reconstructed version.

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I liked the way your story unfolded of your memories and to the present and I was easily able to comprehend with my pitiful mind. Good one and ready to consume some more my friend. You put on a good feast! Was that the first course? I must be hungry. Life and Light to you and yours.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I thought it was very funny at the part where the kid needed to 'pee' lol
can't wait for the next chapter

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is nice. Can't wait to see what comes next.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago

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lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear

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