After Dark - Chapter Twenty-One

After Dark - Chapter Twenty-One

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A record of event(s)

        July 18, 1924

I Paul Wellington, am writing this journal, one I must keep from my wife, Julie. It is rather disturbing to me, I am scared, torn to what account I may have done. I don't know how to explain, but I will do my best. I am not sure if Julie knows or how I may have gotten outside of the house. I found myself along the rose bushes, naked!

The last thing I remember was, I was running through the woods. And those yellow eyes that surrounded me in that horrid field, a place where I never want to dream of again. I am certain this is all a dream, and I may have been wandering about in my sleep. How else can I explain how I found myself. It is what I believe, it is the only way... it must.

I tried speaking to Julie of my nightmares, the things I see and hear. I try and I am afraid she might think I am crazy. I cannot let her know I am scared, what will she think of me then. But here in these pages, maybe I can tell of my dreadful dreams.

Last night, I dreamed of floating through the forest, at least it felt like I was floating. There in the forest, those eyes I seen in the field. They were among me, following, or I was following them. But that is not the disturbing part, my blood boils as I write this, my hands shake, it is very hard for me to write at this point.

There was a clearing I come to, and stopped at the edge of the forest line. And there only a few hundred yards... was a child. What was she doing there all alone, walking so late among the moon light. I felt the urge to tear her apart, the hunger within me. A growl rumbled within my throat... dear lord, my hands quake as I write. It was a child, a little girl no older than twelve. 
I felt my body pull toward her, the hatred I felt was unimaginable. In seconds I was on top of her, and in her eyes was complete terror. My gut wrenches as I tell this, I was tearing at her flesh as she screamed but soon, she lay lifeless... and then I woke. I only hope it were a dream, as I remembered it, it made me vomit. I still do feel sick as I retell of my horrid dreams, my nightmares.

I am weakened to my very core as I dream of a defenseless child. I begin to wonder if I am going crazy. Julie... my beloved Julie. How will she ever forgive me if this is not a dream, but I have decided to record the events in my dreams as they happen. Right now I am weak from reliving the ordeal, sickened by my thoughts. I must rest now.

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lawrence bear
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I like the way you brought in the journal.. So far this story has kept my attention and I find it intriguing..xx Nice work for sure...x

Posted 6 Years Ago

It's good. Did you mean wondering or wandering in this section?
and I may have been wondering about in my sleep.

Sickening it would be for sure.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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