After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Five

After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Five

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Dream Keeper - Journal entry


July 27th


For a few days now, I have been restless. I am drained and tired. For my dreams they… they have become a menace, as they have become more violent. I dreamed of terrible things, one where I was standing near a hill overlooking a small town or village. It wasn’t ours for I know what it looks like at night. I want to believe this was a dream, but in some sense, I felt it was happening at that moment. The moon was on the rise as it slowly climbed and then the sound of wolves in a distance cast a weird state of being. I don’t know how long I had stood there, but I felt the coolness of a breeze wisp around me as I watched the moon rise to its peak. And my eyes, for the night that was dark, now became bright as day and through them I appreciated the red liquid that now covered my vision of mortal eyes. I felt the tingles surge within my body as the moon became closer to its full tilt. My skin burned and itched that I began to scratch and tear away at my skin like… like it were paper. How flesh hung in strands as my hands turned from human form to… talon pointed fingers from a monster. The sight of this was horrifying, and not knowing of what was happening to me I tried to scream for help, tried to call, but my voice… oh God my voice, was that of a wolf which howled at the moon.

I was so startled by this, when I awoke, I quickly checked my hands, my body. Julie’s hand then ran across my back, to comfort me, it was soothing to know she were here with me. I turned to speak at her, but in her place was that horrid beast… I propelled from my bed. I woke up screaming, when Julie’s hand touched me and I leapt out of bed, terrified that I was not yet awake. Fearful of what might be in her place. Julie called to me, but I refused to listen and I screamed at her that she wasn’t who she said she was. “You’re not Jules!” I kept saying before she grasps a hold of me and only then I knew I was not dreaming. For the first time I shed a tear in front of her, I held her close and kissed her forehead, I told her how much she means to me, and inside my heart I was petrified to let her know, I was afraid… afraid to lose her. These dreams are making me feel I am not myself. Even if I feel I am going mad, she still loves me, tears formed in her eyes as she told me this.

I held her and began kissing her, the moment seemed right. We embraced one another and I rubbed my hand down her back to her bottom as I kissed her neck. Kissing, rubbing, and I opened my eyes to see our reflection in the mirror… it was not Jules, the terror that ripped through my body as I realized I were kissing a wolf like person. She bore her fangs, growled and plunged toward me.

I gasped for air as I flung forward in bed. Dreams within a dream, I looked over to Jules. She lay still, peaceful. I cupped her head with my hand and touched her softly to reassure myself everything was alright. I closed my eyes and tears ran down my face. God help me. I pleaded in my head. I got up out of bed and went straight to my den, there I poured myself a glass of whiskey and gulped it down and then pour another glass. I sat there staring blankly out the window, and take another sip before I wrote this entry. I am tired, but I will sit here for a while and enjoy another glass of whiskey, right now, it is the only thing that comforts me.

© 2011 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
I hope you enjoyed this entry

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Your prolonging us finding out if he is or isn't... Is it just his fear of becoming the creature or a reality..? Well written again and an enjoyable read..xx

Posted 6 Years Ago

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After Dark


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lawrence bear

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