After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Six

After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Six

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Rudy's Stand


            As he pondered to write more, he stood up from his desk and went to the window. His thoughts were racing on that night of the beast, the feeling churned at the pit of his stomach, how disturbing it was. The vision burned into his thoughts, he shook his head to try rid of it, but it useless and every time he had closed his eyes it was there. A human hand on the dreaded creature he destroyed, a monster that plummeted to its death, the beast that now missing according to Gregory’s search. While in deep thought he came to his senses and found himself outside wandering, he stopped for a moment and gazed at the stars, the half-moon. And then he continued to walk forward.


-Sometime a while after-


            A horse trots along the hillside; its passenger kicks his heels into his horse’s side to get her to climb up the steep hill. Finally reaching the top, young Rudy Murdoch had the notion to look at night, as he figured it would be easier to find the exact location where the monster fell. Since he and Gregory could not find it in the day, maybe as he retraces the night, he could get lucky.

            And soon after, he came to a clearing that looked familiar. He dismounted his horse and tied the harness to a tree. He scouted the area closely, shining his light to a tree and there were broken limbs, it was the tree he and Gregory climbed. A smile curved his lips as he found the location. He tied a piece of rag he brought to the tree, to mark it and as he walked toward his horse. He stopped and looked toward the overhang, and the memories flooded his thoughts, the shriek of the beast gave, sent a shiver up his spine.

            “Damn! That sure is a hell of a drop you took.” He said as he peeked over the edge.


    A branch snapped behind him, Rudy spun around. He shined his light toward the bushes, his heart raced, drumming against his chest. He shined his light here and there, but there was nothing. He sighed. “I’m letting my head run away on me.” As he put one foot in the stirrup his horse jumped suddenly, knocking him back. He was stunned as he sat there, his horse desperately pulled at its harness; it was acting like a wild horse. He got to one knee when he heard the same growl, his heart pounded.

            “No! It can’t be?” he stood and slowly stepped backward.


The growl was getting louder as it was getting closer, and his horse yanked and yanked at the harness calling. The black shadow was large as it crept closer, Rudy swallowed air as it bore its saliva dripping fangs. “No, you’re dead, you’re dead!”  He said and then he lost his footing at the edge and fell. His scream vanished into the night.

The horse kicked and pulled, its eyes were wide with fear. The reflection in the horse’s eye showed a black figure moving toward her. The horse called one last time before the monster roared and moved in for the kill, ripping and tearing at the steed.


© 2012 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
Is it getting juicier? moving on to the next chapter :)

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Poor things all of them.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Yes.,,,but the horse??? Why does the horse have to get hurt...??? Honestly your descriptions are perfect.. I can truly tell you come from a fine line of storytellers.. You have the gift. x

Posted 6 Years Ago

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After Dark


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lawrence bear

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