After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Seven

After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Seven

A Chapter by lawrence bear

An awkward moment



            Julie dashed toward the pounding door. She opened the door and Gregory swiftly moved by her before she can say a word, “Where is he? Is he home?” he asked as he looked in every room as he went.

“Gregory what is the meaning of this?” she spun on her heels and quickly followed him. “What is the matter and where are your manners? Don’t you know it’s impolite to storm into someone’s home?” Julie scowled, she stood with her hands at her hips glaring as he kept peering into each room except the den. “Gregory Allen McCabe!” she raised her voice which made him stop and grasp what he was doing.

            “I’m sorry Mrs.” he removed his hat, “Rudy… he has gone missing. He has not returned from his outing last night, it is not like him to go on his own overnight. Maybe Paul has seen or heard from him?”

            “Paul is in his study, and he’s been there all night and Rudy has not been here for days.”

Gregory darted his eyes around and then rushed toward her grasping her arms tightly. “There is something wrong with him Julie,” he said under his breath. “He is not right; there is something wrong with him. I worry for you, I worry for you both. After that night when he was wounded, after that night that thing was supposedly killed.”

“What are you saying?” she watched his eyes.

“The other day when I spoke of this to him, he was acting rather peculiar. Like I was speaking to someone else, it was not him Mrs. and he went on about the moon, how this was his territory, the night was his being.”

“I know Paul has had trouble sleeping and he does ramble sometimes, he is unbalanced from lack of rest, but he now sleeps in the den when he has…” she paused. “He finds comfort in his study from his unpleasant dreams. Now if you will, kindly take your hands off of me before he comes in here, and thinks something else, like I’m snooping behind his back. I know you might think this sounds a little…”


They both turned to find Paul standing by his doorway.

“Oh Honey,” she smiled. “How long were you standing there? Gregory was…”

“Leaving!” Paul raised his voice.

Julie looked away feeling awkward, Gregory stood silent before he nodded and bowed. “Ma’am” and then placed his hat on his head and walked toward the door. Paul followed behind.


It was outside the house when Gregory turned to face Paul but instead met an angry fist that knocked him to the ground.

“How could you? You’re my friend… I think you’d best be on your way now.”

“God d****t Paul, you got this all wrong!” he had said while he spat a mouth full of blood out.

“That’s not what it looked like when I came into the room.” Paul stated.

“Rudy is missing, he went out last night to track, but he didn’t return. I was hoping you assist me in searching for him, you know him, and he doesn’t take to camping much.”

“Well I didn’t kill him, if that’s what you think.”

“I didn’t say he was dead or anything like that, I’m not accusing you or anything, but can you come help me find him?”

“He’s old enough to take of himself, what do you care if he doesn’t come back or not, he could be with a women for all we know.”

“He’s my nephew.” Gregory stood up dusting himself off. “Look, you’ve been acting weird lately, can you honestly say you haven’t noticed and I’m worried you might hurt yourself or someone, someone you love.”

“Jules…” Paul’s eyes softened. “I have been having awful dreams lately, dreaded dreams. Gregory, you don’t suppose... I am going crazy?”

“No, it’s normal to have dreams and nightmares, oh yeah, which reminds me. There was some news of an animal attack over in Elmer Ridge. A young child was torn to pieces.”

The news stirred some emotions within. “This child was?”

“A young girl, no older than twelve I think.”

Paul gasped when he heard this.



© 2012 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
My twisted mind is working even better when its drunk on the new year :)
Kidding, I don't drink, honest ;)

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:D Love it.. your on a roll...x

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