After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Eight

After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Eight

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Gregory's Log, Part One


           I don’t know how to explain this, but I will try the best I can. This is a record of the events that took place today. I write this because, not only do I fear for my family and my friends. I fear for my own life as well. I don’t know what else to do but write it down to my best of knowledge. I will begin to keep a written document from now on, as this is my belief of my best friend’s actions. I fear he has, or is becoming one of those things. How I have come to this conclusion is as follows.


Today was rather chilling; I have never been so terrified in my life. That night when we went after that wolf like thing was nothing compared to my afternoon at Paul’s. I went there frantic, worried about Rudy. The lad has never gone off without a word; I have myself to blame, I suppose. After that night of the encounter, I gave him hell about being a man, and he had to step up. There was no room for chickens in our family. Hunting and tracking are what we McCabe’s were bred to be.

            Me and the Mrs. were up all night wondering about that boy, I waited until today to go look for him and had thought maybe he went over to Paul’s. I had hoped he was there, but he wasn’t and I wanted to ask Paul for help but frantic as I was, I might have stirred some trouble for Julie. Paul may think she and I were fooling around behind his back. Again, I have only myself to blame. Anyway we got into a spat Paul and me, once he got his anger out, and we got back to being friends. He seemed worried about Julie and he asked me if I thought he was crazy, I didn’t want him to know the truth, and how I was scared of him and scared for Julie. I keep this to myself, I worry if I mention it to my wife, she would go on and say something to someone in which will turn into a bunch of fabrications, tall tales that will spread like wild fire.

So when he asked if he were crazy, I told him what he wanted to hear, that he wasn’t. Then I mentioned the news I heard about in Elmer Ridge, about some girl who was torn to pieces by some animal, possibly a bear. This is where it got discomforting; he began speaking of dreams of somewhat, how he dreamt it was he who roamed the forest at night. He went on about this, the smile he had was unnerving, his body language made me shiver, and it didn’t match his words. His facial expressions were, well, like he wasn’t there at all. It was not him; and it seemed he… enjoyed hearing the part where she was torn to pieces.

He was, was, it is hard to explain, the color of his skin changed, it was pale like a dead person and his eyes were black as night. I began to wonder if it were he who ragged that poor girl apart and then Rudy came to mind. Does he know what happened to him? The hair on my skin stood as the thought of Paul being one of those things that we supposed to have killed. My skin crawled as I thought maybe it was he that got rid of whatever it was, I do not know, I have had many things race through my mind.

“It was only a dream, wasn’t it?” He said to himself as he ran his hand through his hair.

            “Are you okay?” I had asked as he paced back and forth mumbling to himself.

            “I inherited the night,” he said under his breathe. “When did this happen?” he asked me with black eyes.

            “Uh, I don’t know, about a week maybe.” Those eyes bore into my very soul, I felt them chewing at me.

“I was sure it was only a dream, it was, wasn’t it? It was only a dream.” he turned away smiling, muttering more words I could not understand before finally turning to me.

“Can I trust you?” his tone had changed, and his voice… was not his.

I was afraid to say otherwise, my body shuddered at his tone. And the arguments I had told Rudy suddenly came to mind about being a man and to step up when faced with danger. I truly ate my words at this time. My manhood escaped me but only for a fraction of a second. I nodded and he beckoned me to follow him.

It was in his study where he had picked up a book, a book he said he at times does not remember writing some things down, only that they seem like some vague dream, dreams where he roams the forest, it is what he claims to be, not human. And he had handed it to me, only to hesitate for a moment before finally he felt at ease and comfortable for me to read some pages he had written. I didn’t want to set him off by refusing, so I read. At first it did not explain a whole lot, they were just some rambling jibber jabber about the forest, he explained what he thought was reoccurring dreams, the same thing happens every night and then they began to become more insidious.

One passage read, ‘Tonight, I heard him calling my name. The air was damp, I felt cold, as if I were dead. My hands were not my hands, they were talons. I was not me, partly. The voice called from within the darkness, summoning me, the quickening of my blood rushing, pulling. I felt myself going, like my soul was leaving my body, like I were dying. I fought to stay, but that voice summoned me. It was there, those yellow eyes glared from the bushes. Then the beast leapt at me.’

More and more I read, more and more they became darker; I peered over the pages at him. He sat there motionless, his legs up on the table, his eyes were dark, and his face was cold and it was as if he were staring right through me. I swallowed hard; those piercing eyes were black, hollow… I was terrified to be in that room with him. It was unsettling as he watched me read. I had asked for something to drink, to take my mind off of him, and to gather some thought.

“Shouldn’t we get ready to go look for Rudy? Anytime soon, before it gets dark.” I asked while he poured me a glass of whiskey.

“We’ll get to him soon, don’t you worry.” He sneered as he handed me my glass.

“You know, I forgot something at home,” I finished my drink. “I will come back, and we can head out to look for him.”  I lied; I only wanted to leave as it was becoming uninviting.

And so I had left, feeling nervous, poor Julie, I felt somewhat remorse for leaving her in that house, alone. And as I rode off, I noticed her in the window; she watched sadly as I rode off, I felt her anguish while Paul stood by the doorway sipping on his drink. I want to help Julie, I don’t know how much time we have, I fear for her. I sent Mary-Anne on her way to her mother’s; she was alarmed at my behaviour, I had told her I would explain later. But I was not taking any chances, she left, she is gone, I watched as her coach road away, thank God she will be safe and without a kiss, one I may have wished to have had.

I reached into my pocket for a cigarette and found the book instead, I had forgotten about it. When leaving Paul’s I was sneaky about pocketing the book, I was curious to see what else he might have in it. I began to read it as I made my way back into the house. I was startled by what I had read on the next entry. The girl I mentioned before, the news he had not heard until I had told him. She was the same girl in his entry, the exact way he described it was that of those who had found her. She was torn from limb from limb. He went on his entry on how he tore at her and ripped away at her throat… how the blood was spraying like hot liquid down his gullet. I grasped my neck in disgust. It sent chills down my spine. Again he said it was a dreadful dream. How it sickened him, but his actions showed me otherwise.

I went on reading more of his book, I skimmed through a few pages and one entry caught my eye. It was last night’s entry. ‘I don’t know what is happening to me. There are times I do not know whether if I am dreaming or not, it all seems so real. When the moon is full, it is when I prowl around searching for food, searching for blood. There are times where I have a taste of iron in my mouth when I awake. The same taste I have had this morning. I found myself in the woods, I am not sure of I got there. I was covered in blood; the fear of what I may have done overwhelmed me. These dreams I thought I were having, were not dreams at all. I have done something terrible. I believe I am or already have become that beast we shot in the hills. It is the only answer I have; and it explains what I saw that night, a sight I wished I had not. As that thing lay there, I am certain I spotted something eerie before it fell. I had seen an arm and hand, which of a human like mine.’  I stopped for moment; there was no way it could have been human. 

How can he tell what he saw, we had little light from the moon. The moon… that was full. And then it struck me. I recall the attacks being on the full moon, the night it came and killed Stephen, the night of the girls and… last night. My heart skipped a beat and the anxiety that ran through me, the terror I felt. It was a terrible realization, could it be he who has done these things.

© 2012 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
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First I had to check out a fellow Canuck and Hockey fan, although I don't care for the Rangers, Philly fan here. Anywhere near Filn Flon? To the story yes I want more. You put me there and that's hard to do since I bore easy. Liked it, please feel free to check me out to. Me photo is our old ice ring in Montreal.

Posted 6 Years Ago

You've taken the story quite far with this chapter... and a fine job at that. You still hold the attention of the reader and make us wonder.. Well done my friend..x

Posted 6 Years Ago

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