After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Four

After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Four

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Grizzly End


The bullet bore into the grizzly’s left shoulder, it collapsed and rolled into him, knocking Gregory over, the bear stood on all four legs grunting and turning from right to left. Gregory turned over and crawled and then ran a few yards but fell over dropping his rifle, the pain was too great, it ran through him like tiny lightning bolts, but he desperately tried to force himself up and get away from the injured bear as it thrashed and snarled. The air he breathed in burned at his lungs. He looked back to where the bear was; he was aghast to why he missed, he never missed, not at that range. Holding his right side as blood now trailed from his brow, he reached for his rifle trembling with pain and fear. The Grizzly then stood on its hind legs letting out a ROAR.

            The bear charged.


Gregory was slow to lift his rifle, the galloping of the big beast thumped on his chest. The gun seemed to weigh a ton as he struggled to bring it up, “Come get some, you son of a b***h!” he had said as he found the strength and courage as he brought the rifles muzzle up in line of the bear.

The cry of his steed distracted him, he turned away from the charging bear, in the corner of his eye there was a white flash as it leapt over him and into the path of the rampaging Grizzly. The horse cried and the bear stood on its hind limbs meeting the horse as the both collided with a loud thud. 

Gregory was alarmed his steed came to his rescue; he watched in amazement as the bear and horse fought, the bear growled loudly grappling the horse as it kicked and jumped. He forced through his pain to aim his rifle once more, but his steed kept getting in the way of his aim. The bear roared and the horse wailed as the Grizzly dug its massive claws into its body and buried its teeth into the horse’s neck. The sight of this clenched his heart, he tried to scream but the pain was unbearable. The horse jumped and kicked at the bear, trying to get free but the bear was furious and it swiped its massive claw at the steed tearing it open, the bear dug its teeth into the horse knocking it to the ground, and then the beast roared and growled is at gashed away at the fallen horse killing it. The beast stood and roared its victory.

A single retort from the gun echoed and knocking the bear over, Gregory limped towards the fallen bear; the snorting from the beast brought another retort striking in the head, followed by another, then another till it was dead and until there was only the ‘Clicking’ sound of an empty chamber.

Gregory fell to his knees in exhaustion, moments have passed, wheezing and holding his right side again, and he struggled toward his brave horse. He stood above her for a moment, staring. And it looked as though tears ran from its eye; taken by this, he closed his eyes and looked heavenward.

He then knelt down, unstrapped his gear.

Hours have passed and he was still yet fatigued. He tossed a few more branches and twigs into the fire, it cracked and hissed. His eyes were heavy and his head slowly slumped, “A fine mess you got yourself into Greg, a fine mess!” he mumbled to himself  before rubbing his brow, “Ouch!” the pain awoke him momentarily, “Now what am I going to do? The sun is down, I’m without my horse and I’m a fool that tracked a bloody Grizzly. This just isn’t my day. Not my day.” He yawned then covered his face with his hat then he folded his arms, he moaned as he slowly began to drift off, “Can it get any worse?” he slurred.

            A screeching howl echoed into the dawning night.

            “I had to ask!” he muffled.

© 2012 lawrence bear

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lawrence bear
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I loved the excitement..the adventure and I felt as if I were there.. You always bring the reader in for a close look.. Also your endings always leave us wondering.. you throw out some bait and keep us at the edge.. I love it..xo

Posted 6 Years Ago

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After Dark


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lawrence bear

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