After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Six

After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Six

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A cry in the night


            The noise of the carriage echoed eerily off the trees and the horse’s hooves sounded hollow. Mary-Anne gulped as she looked out both windows and wondered where she was, and then the horses gallop became trots and then they suddenly stopped. The horses whimpered and trotted backward. “Come on you stupid horses, its only mist!” the driver cried. “Let’s go, come on. We don’t want to sit here ladies…”

            An unpleasant howl echoed through the dense forest, the driver didn’t have time to react as the horses jumped and stood on their hind quarters kicking and wailing. They rolled the carriage back and kicked and pulled jumping backward. The horses were in a panic and they continued to buck as the driver tried to control them. “Whoa!” he pulled on the harness, “Whoa now, easy ladies!” then another frightening howl silence them for a second, the horses then went mad and broke into a sprint pulling the harness out of the drivers hands.


            The carriage was a runaway, the driver desperately reached for the harness. The horses ran blindly through the mist and off the trail, the carriage bounced hard as it hit fallen trees. Mary-Anne was horrified as she was propelled into the air. The driver almost had his hands on the harness when the carriage hit another tree, but bigger and he flew off his seat and he grabbed hold of the handle as he flung sideways.

            Mary-Anne’s eyes widened as she was now staring at the drivers as he held onto the side, he had caught grip with his other hand and shouted to her, “Brace yourself!” he had his footing and they hit hard again. Mary-Anne screamed as she watched the driver fling helplessly to the side, one hand gave away and he held on with the other. She quickly leapt forward and reached out for him. He tried to grab her hand but missed, and the carriage hit another tree and he lost his grip. She caught his wrist and he grabbed hold of hers and he pulled himself against the wagon and crawled his way to the top. They hit another tree and the wagon catapulted into the air, the driver soared and the carriage arm snapped, breaking the horses free as they continued on in full gallop.


            The wagon rolled to a stop, Mary-Anne then found she were lying on the floor, she brushed the hair away from eyes and then sat up. She was stunned for a moment, did she hear what she thought she did, she shook her head before she remembered the driver; she then jumped up and called to him. She leaned out the door and called again. She listened for him, nothing. Only the crickets and frogs responded. She held onto the door as she stepped down from the carriage.

The moon shone lighting the forest with white mist and casting strangely shadows here and there. Her lip began to quiver as walked forward and she called to the driver once more, still nothing but the call of the crickets. Then another howl stretched throughout the woods, she began to cry and tremble as she became aware, she was alone in the woods. She now believed the words of the driver that she so rudely dismissed. Another shriek sounded out, but much closer. 

She stood petrified and then she turned to run but bumped into a tall dark slender figure, she gasped in horror as the figure grabbed hold of her.

The figure pulled its face close to hers, it was the driver.

Run Mrs. McCabe. Run!”


© 2012 lawrence bear

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Omg.. these constant cliff hangers.. so many questions I have lol... you need to get busy..more more more..x :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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After Dark


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lawrence bear

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