After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Seven

After Dark - Chapter Thirty-Seven

A Chapter by lawrence bear

A sense of dreadfulness loomed


She was scared stiff as he had pushed her forward to go but she held onto him refusing. She started to cry, and he gave her a compassionate gaze, “You must go Mrs. McCabe. You must. It’s not safe for you here, you must leave now!”

“I can’t!” she sobbed. She stood clinging onto his arm, “Wha… what about you? I… I can’t leave without you.”

“There is little time for that Mrs.” He reached into the back of the carriage and pulled out his rifle. “I want you to run as fast as you can, and as far away as possible.” He had said as he filled the chamber and pocketed a few shells. She turned and scurried a few steps, but she stopped and turned back unsure of what to do, she stood with confusion. “You will come, won’t you?” she asked nervously.

He waved his arm to her, “Go,” he said. “Go now! I will follow behind you; I won’t be long, now go!”


She hesitantly departed and she ran a few yards when the cry of horses echoed into the forest, and then followed by a loud roar; Mary-Anne spun around on her heels. The horses wailed once more and it bounced around her. She spun in circles unsure of where they came from. Another howl pierced the air. Her pulse raced with her thoughts. The forest that was once alive with crickets and frogs now sat silent, the animals rumble surrounded them and a sense of dreadfulness loomed about.

She didn’t know where to run, and shadows played tricks on her as they seemed to move. She walked backwards toward the wagon as her head snapped back and forth chasing shadows. The hair on the back of neck stood on end, as bushes rustled and cracked; “It’s not a werewolf… is it?” she gulped.

“Sshh.” The driver whispered. “It’s right over there!” he lifted his rifle and pointed the muzzle.


Her hands clasped over her mouth as she wanted to scream, and tears rolled down her cheeks as she trembled in fear. She scrambled into the carriage dreading the animal and then a growl sounded much closer; she hid under the seat shaking.

The animal’s grunts and growls bounced off the trees cascading an unnerving sound, the driver spun around pointing his gun, unsure of where the growls came from. The once brave hunter now shook as he turned and turned to follow the growls that echoed around him. The rumble from the animal made his skin crawl. It snorted and growled, he swallowed as he took a few steps back aiming his gun. The bushes behind him shook; petrified he spun and pulled the trigger.

Mary-Anne jumped at the bang of the gun, she then heard the driver fidget with his rifle and suck in air. The animal roared. The gun fired once more and the driver yelped as he fumbled to load his rifle. The animal snarled and then pounced on the man, he screeched in horror, the gun went off and he yelled as the animal dug its fangs into him. Mary-Anne’s lips shivered as she sobbed and she felt worthless listening to his screams as he was being mauled.

All she could do was cover her ears from his painful cries. It wasn’t long until all she heard was the animal’s grunting and growling, followed by crunching and a tearing sound from the man’s flesh. She was alone, cold and she had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. She felt hopeless and abandoned. She was trapped.



© 2012 lawrence bear

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I could hear the flesh being ripped away and the crunching of bones.. I could also feel her fear and nervous sweat.. This is descriptive and perfect ..I love it..x

Posted 6 Years Ago

lawrence bear

6 Years Ago

thank you, I will get crackin' :)

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After Dark


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lawrence bear

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