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A Chapter by Dr YumnaKay

Based on a true story..

Eight years back. That was when it started. Just when I thought life had nothing left for me. Just when I thought that I could never ever make friends. You came. Do you remember that day? I still can't believe it. That I could have got someone like you. 
You were there standing oblivious to the fact that someone afar was noticing you. And then I found out you and I had things in common. Like the likings for books. I was awed. I'd never met anyone like you. We started talking. I became more and more involved. It was like you charmed me into believing in you. You cast a spell. 
But then I did the unforgivable thing of hurting you. I thought I would never see you again. The pain, the agony I felt.. It was horrible. Do you know I attempted suicide? But you wouldn't know.. I hadn't the courage to tell you. But you, ever the sweet person that you were, forgave me. And we started from where we had left. 
I thought everything would be like it was going.. Only to be made a fool out of time again. You had to leave. For good . And forever. And all the reasons I'd given myself for staying with you crumbled. Just like that... 
What had I gained from your friendship? Trust yes, I did learn to trust only this time I wasn't sure if I could trust again. I know it has been my fault. It made me feel vulnerable. To pour out all my emotions unto you. Too weak. But I did. And that has cost me alot. I'm not the same person I was when you were here. Yes, I talk, laugh, joke around, try to be happy.. But you know why? Or that how much time it took for me to gain this carefree attitude back? No, you don't... 2 years.. After you were gone.. I wasn't myself.. I cried.. I prayed to Allah to give you back to me. That we could be together again. That I could hear your voice again.. Your voice which gave me life. Which saved me from drowning. And then.. Things turned my way. You came back.. Not the physical form.. You contacted me online. I could only be grateful. Like the weak person I am. I ask myself..why did I let you get in too much. Why hadn't I kept you at a distance like I had done with every other person who came my way..I get no answer. Just silence. Is it the fate's way of making me realize that I'm not as strong a I seem..that I am as weak and vulnerable as anyone canbe..I do not know... And then I made the same mistake again.. Of letting you in.. Dropping my guard.. Telling you everything that troubled me.. Oh, yes you are a wonderful listener and you did give me great advices which worked. It wasn't as if you didn't let me in too.. You did.. But it seems I'm stuck.. You moved anybody and everybody else. Maybe its because I never found your replacement and you found mine... I was too naive to think I was the one for you.. And now look where it has landed me into? Its like I'm in a void waiting to return in the real world.A world where you don't exist for me anymore.

© 2017 Dr YumnaKay

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Oh my, I think I will have to stop my reading here. This is just so much to swallow in, the opening of such gates and then flooding my screen with such words, I have no idea of wht to say about such moments. and knowing it was all true? Drea Yumna, can I just speak nothing?

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Dr YumnaKay

11 Months Ago

This was true.. But re a friend I had..
Seems like you got 'frozen' by my words, Sire...


Oh boy! It is very difficult when someone you love leaves you and moves on while you are still stuck there. Either you curse and still wait there or you wish him or her to come back. Even then you still wait.

It is hard but acceptance that the person is gone and you too have a life and many people around who may still be depending on you or loves you, you have to gather strength to come out of it.

Thanks for this piece, it strikes chord with few things in my past too.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Welcome Yamnakay!
Andre Peterson

1 Year Ago

Such pain in this. Loving someone is the easiest thing to do yet letting go is so difficult. Both a.. read more
Dr YumnaKay

1 Year Ago

Thank you for your nice words.. I'm glad you liked it ☺
There are many lessons in this for the reader. Each will take away their own according to what they brought with them whilst reading so generalisations seem out of place in this review.
Just know this - I did learn from what seems to be a confessional/journal piece on the surface but which is deeper than the deepest poetry YumnaKay

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Dr YumnaKay

1 Year Ago

Thank you Tony! I guess everyone can relate to this at some degree.. But some people do have to lear.. read more
Tony Jordan

1 Year Ago

Welcome YumnaKay. :)

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12 Reviews
Added on November 16, 2016
Last Updated on August 17, 2017


Dr YumnaKay
Dr YumnaKay


Dentist. Writer. Poet. Enthusiast. Eccentric. ..and a whole lot more, hoping to discover this year. Instagram: @yumnakay more..

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