Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A Chapter by Dr YumnaKay

Finally on board...


Stepping outside of the men’s room, Julian and the others walked towards the main terminal, now confident in their faked attire. As they walked on, Julian’s eyes detected three women in the same uniform as them; the female flight attendants. He exhaled loudly, causing Drake to turn his gaze towards what he was looking at.

“You reckon we should walk up to them?” Drake murmured.

“I think that would be the thing to get on the plane unnoticed and without drawing attention on us.” Julian mused.

He approached them cautiously and tapped onto one of the women’s shoulders. The woman looked around, slightly alarmed.

She was short but pixie like in built, slender, with heavy eyebrows, a straight nose and firm lips which were dabbed in light pink lipstick. A faint aroma of perfume entered Julian’s nostrils as he inhaled the scent. Shaking his head, he asked, “Are you one of the flight attendants here?”

“Oh, it’s you. We had been wondering where the male stewards were up till now..” The woman’s eyes glanced behind Julian and took in the others as they hovered around him.

“So, these are the others, huh?” She asked, raising her eyebrows in their direction.

Julian was now bewildered as to her reaction. She seemed to have known them, which was odd.

“Err yeah.”

“Well, okay then.” Glancing at the card around his neck, “But we better get a move on to do the regular check ups, before the passengers come on board.” She said in a businesslike manner.

“Um… yeah, sure.” Julian answered, slightly ruffled and signaled the boys to follow, who had watched the exchanged quietly between the two.

Drake stepped beside him, and said in an undertone, “How the hell does she know us? It’s a little unnerving that she didn’t doubt who we are… don’t you think?”

“I have been thinking the same thing, dude. I dunno but I can hardly ask her, can I?”

He decided to go a different route with confirming his confusion.

“Hey, is that the first flight you’ll be taking?”

The woman turned around. He saw her name was Kara Maria.

She said in an offhand voice, “I’m not the usual one around here and neither are these two.” she waved at the others. “I was hired just for this flight. As I was told were you guys too.” She said disdainfully. “I believe we have a mission to accomplish.” She smirked playfully at him.

The words fell like a crash on his eardrums as the meaning of them dawned on him. He looked around Drake and the others, and the reactions on their faces told him they were as shocked as he was at this revelation. Clearly there was a bigger plan than he had imagined.

“Well, come on now, why don’t you all stop gawping and start moving on?” Kara said. “And besides you’re starting to attract unwanted attention to yourselves.” Her voice carried mirth of laughter as she hissed at them.

“Okay.. Lead the way. I have a feeling you know this better than us.” Kara smirked for a while longer at Julian’s words before turning around and proceeding forward.

As they boarded the plan, the gang made their way into the stewards cabinet and put their bags into some cabinets

They performed a normal patrolling session of checking the seats and arranging things here and there, Drake all the while muttering things such as “this is soo stupid, man” and “what the hell was I thinking when I said yes for this effing thing!”

“Cut it, Drake!” Julian exploded finally, having done with the checking and with his mutterings too. “You knew what you were letting yourself in for when you signed up for it, pal! So quit fooling around and acting like you want out and just get on with it. You knew the stakes! So just deal with it!”

“I knew that but I didn’t know there would be anyone besides us the man would have hired!” He said, equally angry.

“Neither did I! But what do you expect me to do?” He retorted back, now advancing forward. “Do you want us to back out now? At this time when the plane is minutes away from people moving in? And oh yeah, would be really cool! Let’s just go back to the men’s room and wake them men up to come take their jobs! But you know what? It won’t matter! ‘Cause if you haven’t noticed there are three f*****g women for this job too! We can’t back out now! You realize they might have allies around here?” He kept on fuming heavily.

“Yeah man, I know you’re right.” Drake said with a heavy tone of defiance. I’m just getting some bad vibes off this thing, and just want everything to get over with soon.”

“I kn..” Julian was cut short as he saw Kara and the other two women whose name he’d learned were Jessie and Serah. Blonds, very much like the everyday women he saw moving around in the city, with nothing especial to mark them, but with an air of a lady who knows everything yet barely revealing or uttering a word until spoken to.

“Is there a problem?” Kara asked, her expression suspicious.

“No, not at all. We were just discussing the weather.” Drake muttered while Kevin and the others sniggered. A reluctant grin spread across Julian’s face too as he appreciated the lousy attempt at humor even at a time like this.

Facing Kara, Julian saw her mouth pucker up in dislike at Drake’s words. He decided to keep the cool and said, “It’s okay, we were just discussing how we would be, err, going to take over the plane midflight. And don’t mind him;” jerking his head towards Drake’s direction, “he likes his moments of cool.”

“Hmm… I can see that.” Kara’s voice was still that of disapproval. “We don’t have to do anything yet. I was told you knew there was gonna be a man on board who’d help us with managing things, right? So just relax until we take off. It’s going to be a long day anyways without you guys pigging around.”

“How did you come by that man? I mean when did he…”

Kara cut off him and said, “That’s none of your business to know. We were hired to work alongside each other, not to have small talk.” Saying that, she sauntered off the opposite direction but not before Julian heard the words escape her mouth, “f*****g idiots!”

Exasperated, he turned to face Drake. “Now that you’ve made a complete fool of us, just try to keep your tongue inside your stupid mouth. Just hold your s**t in!”

Kevin intervened, “Hey, don’t let’s fight among ourselves, okay? It won’t do us good and look it’s almost time for the passengers to come in. We should move…”

Still glaring at Drake, Julian nodded, and walked off towards the entrance, now ready to face the passengers coming inside.

© 2017 Dr YumnaKay

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Aloha, really solid chapter. I like Kara takes a woman to take the lead! They need to chill and just get on with things now. Really great detail and love the way you painted Kara she clearly has more of a clue. Nice job. Izzy

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Dr YumnaKay

11 Months Ago

Hahah yeah, nothing better than a woman to take on the lead lol.. Yeah I thought adding in female ch.. read more
:( and it ended!!!! What!?

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 2 people found this review constructive.

Dr YumnaKay

11 Months Ago

Uhh well I've been working on the next chapter. It will be up soon 😛😉

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