A Poem by zaisham9393

Let's take a trip down memory lane ....


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Butterflies are jealous of her

Can’t complain

She is a blooming flower

Flowers smile at them

And their smiles are a gem

He is the apple of her eye

Like stars shine at night

And light your world

Like rainbows in their darkest night


And when I see the kids

I miss those days so bad

Playing hide and seek

The life we had

Hiding behind the trees

Heavenly echoes, big dreams

It was a perfect vision

Of perfect memories


If I could, I would

Looking back…

If I would go back; I would

Dress up & pretend play

It’s funny I used to be a doctor

And now I need to see one

To keep myself together

I wish I could turn it all around

Go back to where she is now

Make silly mistakes; no worries

The best time of life

Are those days and memories


Bucket and spade

Fighting over colors

Making up stories

Not everything has to make sense

That’s the beauty of innocence

I remember how much I loved

Chasing Soap Bubbles

Throwing paper airplanes

Go to park; I miss those rides

Playing with colorful plastic bricks

Juggling clown; laughing at magic tricks


Once we used to fight over toys

Wear matching shoes

Everything was so beautiful

Bedtime stories

My favorite books

I used to be curious to know

What happens next?

Waiting for next chapter

Sometime it was hard to sleep

But now it’s a struggle to wake up


And now I am scared

to turn the page

I used to be

Scared of the dark

And thunderstorms

Scared of monsters

And shadows in the room

Mom said to me…

Close your eyes

And she used to sing lullabies


She was my strength

She said to me…

Never be afraid to try

And if I fall down

It’s okay to cry

Never be scared to ask …why

Childhood is fantasy

Keep that spark and shine in your eyes

Cause if you fall

Only then you will rise


Life couldn’t be more adventurous

For kids to just…

Sneak out of the window

But at times we all

Want to live in fantasy

Don’t we?

Dad always said…

You can fly! You can fly!
I am so proud of you

I told you it’s worth a try

I miss those words

So much now…


Moments like this

Melt like ice cream

Find that courage somehow

Find time in the busy lives

It was so much easier

To solve a math problem

Than to figure what’s the purpose

Staring at the sky

First love…

No one can forget



Makes perfect sense

We used to have fun

And never cared

Even if our mascaras run

I used to wonder

And still ask myself

Life is a challenge

when you have to take


to prove your capability


Education is experience

Life is devotion

Life is love and be loved

Life is nothing without mistakes

Life is shades of emotion

Love is red

Lost is blue


I remember back then....

I loved the smell of roses

But now all I want is money

To buy new perfumes


take care of expenses

it's not that simple

It's not that easy anymore

People talk about success

People talk about money

I am still learning what's best for me


What works best for me…

Might not work for you 

What is important to me…

Might sound silly to you

So choose your way

Only you know your story

Only you lived that memory


And what you went through

But our paths will cross

If we know where to go

I cannot tell for sure 

I miss those days

I miss those mistakes

I am still learning




Through experiences we grow

For now, that’s all I know.

© 2016 zaisham9393

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Author's Note

‘As a child we always wanted to grow up, but later we realize that it was so much better to live carefree and enjoy life with no one judging you.’’
Is it weird?...I am 21 and I already miss my childhood days so much, and at that time...I wanted to grow up...but now I want to go back…


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Very insightful. I understand completely what you mean.

Posted 1 Year Ago

i loved this one, i can't choose a line or two i loved them all
and i do wish to go back
i loved it thank you for sharing

Posted 1 Year Ago

Line 38: "Go to park; I miss those rides" Needs to have the word "the" after the Go to" and before "Park".
Other then that, this is yet another poem of yours that I liked. And I agree with this as well. I miss the good old days. Im 24 and still have a whole life ahead of me, but there is so much that I miss, so much thta I would have done differently, so much of everything that I miss all of it. Great work, and 100 from me.

Posted 1 Year Ago

its very awesome and very good diction

Posted 1 Year Ago

This was very touching. A very emotional piece that definitely captures and laments your feelings towards getting older and being forced to be responsible. Isn't it funny how, when we're young, we think the true definition of responsibility is simple; taking out the trash, chores, being home on time, watching siblings. It's all different once we really look back on those simple things. It's a great read.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

I couldn't agree more :).Thank You for the amazing reviews :)!!
Growing up is an education. Growing into the person we intend to become is a life long dream. The hankering for childhood, nostalgia and all things that seem idyllic in retrospect is something all would empathize with.
Your poem is like a reminiscing of time gone by and you have managed to evoke what you sought to right at the start.
Keep writing,

Posted 1 Year Ago

We all wish we could return to the innocence of childhood and youth. Thank you for bringing back memories for me with your eloquent words and images.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank You Jennie
Lost for words. Great poem

Posted 1 Year Ago

I agree.
"miss those mistakes
I am still learning
Through experiences we grow
For now, that’s all I know."
The above lines are true. Life is learning and change. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry my friend.

Posted 1 Year Ago

A lot of really great imagery captured here...and some very poignant, moving lines.
I think we all look back and remember...wishing we could reclaim those carefree days.
As you get older, those memories become more precious.
I loved this line: Moments like this/Melt like ice cream

Posted 1 Year Ago

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A Poem by zaisham9393

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