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Remember when you?

Used my truth against me

The truth was the pain

The other half made me seem insane

I never told anyone

How I felt

When I had to apologize

Just to prove my love

I’ll be good

I’ll do what you say I should

Thought you’re one of the few

So, I blindly trusted you

How you played me

Your words bring out the worst in me

My perfect life scenario

was not a lie

but a half truth

What was told

What was left unsaid

Is what you never cared to know

‘‘Shame on you

How low can you go?”

People like you

Will say anything to let you know

They are in control

They’re better than you

cause’ they are superior than you

after I've experienced, and witnessed

Even If I take the blame

You’ll never take responsibility

For what was done to me

I can pretend

But you will never earn my respect again

I’ve stared in the eyes of a devil

She wore white;a pure evil

someone with an undeserved reputation

privileged life 

a vicious tongue

 cruelest of all

desire power over the vulnerable

It’s me! It has to be!!

Is what I had to repeat just to get through

use the pain

 Helping me to create a hell within my own mind

Half-truth makes you look insane

My pain wasn’t a game

But they don’t know

They never will

As time passes by

I’ve learnt that half-truth is 

A Million times dangerous

Than a lie!


© 2018 zaisham9393

Author's Note


this is for some people I knew !
Thanks :)!

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This is an amazing poem, one that actually made me think of my own past relationships that have warped me nearly into a cynic. minus a couple of punctuation questions that came to mind (the question mark on the first line), I thought the poem was emotional and connective you did a great job. keep writing Zaisham

Posted 3 Days Ago

For some personal reason I feel your pain and frustration that so vividly you wrote! There are " friendships " that just use us for sheer thrill they get by playing with our emotions. It is not easy to untangle these friendships, the best we can do after realizing the fact, is slowly distancing would be the wisest thing. i liked your writing very much. All the best.

Posted 4 Days Ago

It made me think of some half-told truths in my life that ended up hurting me..
I loved it😊

Posted 4 Days Ago

I just wanted to say that ... the emotions put together in this write or Poem|story is very deep and beautiful. *smiles* (: keep writing love! You're going to become an accomplished writer some day. You're already there. ;)

Posted 4 Days Ago

the thing I love best about this fine poem is that it depicts the instant the speaker becomes aware of the truth of this toxic relationship. There is lots of anger, but its strength lies in this arareness! Love this one!
"Used my truth against me
The truth was the pain
The other half made me seem insane"

Posted 6 Days Ago

I can definitely relate to this poem in more ways than one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, pain and emotions. It's wonderful to read something real.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Wow! Pain is love turned inside out. Unfortunately we can't live with one and not the other.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Sounds familiar. I’ve been a victim of one of those kind.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

Very good, Z. Full of anger and angst. I can 'feel' the disappointment and the disbelief.
You may want to consider removing some of the adverbs and conjunctions.
'Remember when you?
Used my truth against me
The truth was the pain'
you used my truth against me.
The truth was pain.

Just a thought

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

That's me :D! You're welcome :)!
Nice write, I like it. Filled with passion

Posted 1 Month Ago

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A Poem by zaisham9393

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