Letters and misunderstandings

Letters and misunderstandings

A Story by zanymaybee

Two fools working out odd feelings and a not so foolish, generous soul helping them along the way.

Dear Joseph,
I hope you’re faring well after such a dreadful turn of events. I was almost certain Aunt Jasmine would graciously return your feelings, as you had a quite remarkably heartfelt confession in mind, enough to sweep any girl off their feet and make them fall head over heels. But, alas, I suppose this was to be expected, what with my dear aunt (bless her) being all but unbearably oblivious and dense when it comes to matters of the heart.
Do not fret, however, for I shall talk to her and make sure she finally acknowledges the fact that she is, indeed, very much attracted to you.
Best regards,

Dear Katherine,
I appreciate your concern and kind words of encouragement. Nonetheless, I must admit, albeit reluctantly, that if the lovely Jasmine is even the slightest bit interested she did not seem too keen on letting it show, merely answering with a curt nod and an apology, claiming that she had other matters to attend to and excusing herself shortly thereafter.
As to your offer, as tempting as it sounds, I believe it would be best if you did not try to speak with her. I do not want to pressure her or further burden her with my feelings. As such, I must respectfully decline. Pray take care and, should you see her, do send her my regards.
Sincerely yours,

Dear Katherine,
You will not believe what happened. You know Joseph, yes? Tall, handsome, particularly notable sense of fashion, oddly appealing moustache… Oh dear I might be getting off track here. Ahem, anyhow, this man, his boldness is unbelievable! Though commendable, as it were. I’m afraid I was so taken aback by his straightforward advances I found myself unable to offer him any kind of proper response, only coming back to my senses once I had successfully fled the scene.
Now my thoughts are flooded with the man. I cannot, try as I may, get him out of my head, and each time he sneaks his way into my mind I feel a strange wave of heat rushing to my cheeks. I already had trouble thinking straight whenever facing Joseph but now it has only gotten worse.
I must kindly ask for your advice, Katherine darling, since I don’t exactly comprehend nor do I know how to deal with these strange phenomena.
Auntie Jasmine.

© 2017 zanymaybee

Author's Note

I've only started writing recently and I still have much room for improvement so any kind or form of reviews/critiques is highly appreciated.

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You're not a bad writer technically.

Trite is a word that comes to mind concerning your content.

A clever presentation doesn't really mask that.

(don't feel bad, I have the same problem)

Posted 9 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

Interesting, thank you for the review T K! I appreciate the honesty, always nice to see what others .. read more

9 Months Ago

It will always be my pleasure.
This is wonderfully awkward and adorable of them xD I feel like the "don't" in "I don’t want to pressure her or further burden her with my feelings." doesn't suit the formal style of the rest of the writing, write out "do not" instead :)

Posted 10 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


10 Months Ago

Thanks for the review! :D Gotcha, I actually wondered if it would be too informal when I wrote it lo.. read more

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Writing is one of my favorite hobbies/ways to pass the time (besides reading, of course. And well, drawing, a bit). I find it quite amazing that you can create any world you want with just the use of .. more..

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