Great - Pathetic = Ok

Great - Pathetic = Ok

A Poem by Rochelle

I'm not feeling great but I'm not pathetic so I guess I'm ok.


As my friends were learning,

My life was turning its self-inside out,

Teachers were yelling,

While I was waiting for my father to say goodbye,


He left with nothing less than his last single breath,

My friends were fighting,

While I was blaming myself for the loss of his life,

So selfish they would say for I was not at school that day,


But little did they know my dad had to go,

My mother was dyeing inside,

Brothers would play the we're strong game even tho they hated life,

While I was drowning inside,


Time had passed and dare I say,

When I returned to school that day,

Where had you been they would yell at me,

You selfish B***h I was apparently,


No one would know,

That I had to go,

Leaving my feelings behind,

Or should I say my suicidal rage would contain all my emotions,


To their disbelief life became a thief and took my father away,

I told you so now leave me alone,

But instead they dare to stay,

So from today on you won’t hear me say I‘m giving up,


I’ll fight through the day,

And what they Say won’t hurt me anymore,

My friends will stay and enemies will go away,

I’m ok with being a wreck.


Call me what you will,

But I’m ok,

And I’ll stay that way

Not great but still not pathetic.

© 2015 Rochelle

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Damn. This piece resounded with me very strongly. Itspeaks volumes about yourself, to hold it together like that when others jusge over something they assume, whilst the situation is completely different. You have my condolences, and my congratulations on such an awesome piece of poetry. It's perfectly fine to just be ok.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

thank you for your review
John Stussy

1 Year Ago

No problem. Thanks for sharing your words.
Please comment my new poem

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Hi guys and girls, I don't know how to exactly describe myself as a writer or what I get out of telling complete strangers about my life but I like writing it sets me free, all my worry's or proble.. more..

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