What Is This Clockwork?

What Is This Clockwork?

A Story by Z

this isn't written of personal matter, just something that comes up in the everyday world, movies and the minds of kids, a short sum of it


"F**k love"

Slumping my back against this chair while seeing my friends heads stick perverted gestures in their mouths, using tongues to bump the sides of the cheeks inside wasn't an awkward thing to find myself there. All around the table everyone scream of laughter with dirty nonsense floundering about, it could make any innocence lose out in a second. Laughing with jokes of sexual interpretation and the 'your mom is f*****g another person' or 'you're f*****g your mom' hah how is our humor becoming? There for a while my clock on the wall read 12:15 AM in the night but the clocks hands weren't straight, they were crooked from the day I messed with it. I kept dropping it on carpet when I was bringing the stuff in to move into my apartment. But all there sat was that damn clock, all like retarded with jerky movements telling me the wrong time of things. Sitting still as if cross-eyed out of nowhere a friend of mine, Tom, blurts something so unnecessary I couldn't speak out to save myself

"You know who Dave likes" everyone listens like hungry f*****g wolves "he likes Luxie" everyone laughs and all their little gossip came in handy
"You know that chick Lux she has Herpes!"
"No, I heard she had so many brothers and sisters they all had to live in Mexico"
"If they did dumbass why are they living here still?"
"Oh oh, I know! Because their mom married like more than one guy"
"Oh what a hoochie mama!" bombs of laughing shook the table as they stomped and bang their hands and feet on the table.

"F**k you," I smiled to show no annoyance as such but I couldn't stop it. If I were to speak against them they'd ignore me in the meantime. 

Hearing moaning and groaning as the night lights brew in to make it as provocative as can be the television screen static out to the brains of our mechanical minds. Already in the apartment bedroom of mine it was all we thought of doing, and more like anything we didn't have to spend stuff on. We could've gone to the club but no one had enough money or maybe didn't want to. Every second parts of sweat came upon my friend’s bodies and laughter made everyone grow closer. I stood by distance as the screen flapped body parts like it were flipping chicken on screen. F*****g porn I swear. Just when it was halfway done my phone rang softly and I took myself away from that room. Closing the door slowly I click the green button and listened to the voice. I didn't check who it was but I noticed it was Luxie

I went into another room but distance to where I could see someone come out to end up hearing me talk so I go towards the kitchen. Staring at the door she began to talk.
"Aye Dave, what'cha doin'?" 
"Ah hanging out with friends, you?"
"Well," in the background I hear some digestion of some sort then her voice got a bit like she had a cold "you want to hit it? You got to bring your s**t though"
"Sure, sure" I didn't like this chick; I only did drugs with her. She was more of that hardcore status on drugs while I just stay in the kiddy level. The lovely Mary Jane is like the brain sex seed. She wasn't my drug dealer but we met during class of History and she randomly asked if I like Mary Jane. So it went like that and everyone suspected of me liking her which in reality I don't.

Just when I finished talking to her I knew if I were to open that door there'll be erotic screen play as realistic as can be. So I just knock the door seeing if anyone'll open or answer. Tom answers
"Come on you d****e, this s**t is so f*****g funny!" 
"Nah I'm cool, I'm hell tired"
"You are a f*****g d****e, you going to like masturbate in the bathroom while we watch this"
I ignored him taking my car keys with it than sperm all over the place

Passing lanes and passing street cars like nitrous on their wheels I couldn't imagine but those mushrooms Luxie has in store for me. I took some years ago but I lost taste in them. Now I'm down I'm seriously going to like take'em straight up. Turning that very corner, those f*****g blue and red flashing lights burst out my concentration. There, cops scramble round watching for speeding like mongooses on wheels. I had to pass easy and no check-ups from these fuckers. They usually vandalize s**t from you when they're not supposed to or even when you're not doing anything wrong. So I backed up saving myself from the appearance of their eyes but suddenly their lights go off like lighthouses on fire. 
"Ah mother f*****g A'!" I screamed hitting the wheel of my car. I wished I hadn't made that f*****g turn.

There, there he eyes the sexual treasure. As sick as his intentions he maneuvers his body in and out, in and out. Screaming of pain and screaming from this f*****g insanity my hands were tied and my mouth was clenched. A record of time he kept going with much athletic energy as anyone I had gone with. This b*****d is giving me the AIDS I bet right now. I tried kicking but he had a handheld grip on my body from behind. What the hell has it come to this? I feel like that black guy in Pulp Fiction.

Coming back home, I couldn't fit the key to my door the pain swiveled my muscles down there. I knocked to see if anyone will pick up. Their footsteps pull across my ears and when hinges released there I fell bloody to the floor. The last thing I saw was that very damn clock, but this time stuck on that time 12:15 AM. As my eyes pulled away from the wall I slept with growling pain. Thanks to all, I can't find my own clockwork mind.

I don't know what life can be when it goes so fast. What the hell was this about? It's what runs in our society, right? F****n' A'

© 2008 Z

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