Introducing Enlightenment

Introducing Enlightenment

A Story by Z

Never before have I seen anything rather peculiar before. If I were to go in depth it will only make matters worse. I'd like for you to feel a slight pinch of what I'm trying to say, or what I'm not trying to say. When things can pull gravity off our shoulders we become stuck on to this equilibrium of truth until we realize this morphine of affliction solidifies to a point of insanity. If you're talking about loved ones or one's who "complete" us, whatever the case is, it could be.

"There, there" he handles his ears to push the taper in "almost got it, almost got it" as the stinging grew into a pulse there the taper was gone through all the way, no blood but burning red ear lobes. Leaving his hands against the countertop looking at self in the mirror he smiles with satisfaction.
"There, a starting of a new level" he pushes his ear lobes softly and playfully till he walks out of the room.

The TV set was on static like the skies growing rather still. Nothing grew gold but gray tint inside the phenomena, inside the state of mind. Something lacked in the room, maybe a person. But a head poked out from the chair all still facing the TV screen. As he went towards the person on the chair there a voice rang out
"Charles" his head turns slowly as if it were robotic "sorry if I barged in like this, I was waiting for ya" Rapidly from his seat he introduces himself, but there was something quite odd about him. Something swaggered behind him... like a tail. 

"Oh heh," he pulls the moving object behind him to disappear from view "it's nothing... anyways!" He tucks it in as Charles noticed and furthers himself away from this odd person. 

"Who are you? Where'd you come from?" the person looks towards Charlies with a smiling snicker
"I'm your tutor, tutor of Enlightenment!"
"What?" he pulls Charles away from the room and pushes Charles head through the closest window down the hallway.
"Do you see!" Charles began to scream his head off as he found himself halfway out the window with all the Tailed person's strength.
"Fear would be mastered! I see you're afraid of heights Charles" Charles lived in a lighthouse off the coast of Los Angeles. No one knew where it was but only Charles, and somewhat this Tailed thing did too.
"You're not helping!" 
"Okay then..." he pulls him out and sits him on the floor. Charles was about to lay a punch until the Tailed thing introduced himself 
"The name's Demitiri," he gleams his toothy grin, and oddly sharp baby fangs as he smiled rather white in pearls "and you're Charles?"
"You chuck a person out the window and you don't see if it's the right person you're asking for in the first place while throwing them out the window, that's probably the stupidest thing you ever..."
"I knew it was you, I just like to reassure things even if they're not needed" cutting Charles off from that remark
"You're confusing"
"Aren't our lives from the opposites we agree to confusing?" He stands out to the windows of blue skies, but smog hurried in from the cities factories
"Oh quite nasty that is, that would ruin my day" he get's off the platform but still setting his eyes on the smog "in my world, everyday is a beautiful day"
"And where's that?"
"Somewhere only proven one's go, somewhere only all the prophets, all the spirits, and all the gods know"
"Even better..." he pulls out a box with gold trimming and colored crystals 
"It's Enlightenment"

© 2008 Z

Author's Note

a small cut off, nothing huge. Only if necessary I'll continue it

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Added on October 26, 2008




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