The Norm.

The Norm.

A Story by Z

Andrew Loog Oldham I tell ya.


You could say the ol' look from the London in the 60's seem to fit well in the making of the future generation. The rebel James Dean influence making the ol' Andrew Loog Oldham with just someone picking many disguises and personalities. I for one can't really comprehend on the way teens believe in certain idealistic characters in the media who become a god like figure. They're as human as you and I. Anyways before I carry on to hating the society I might need an answer or two from you. Or maybe not...

Sitting by the ol' coffee shop down by what I call "Abbey Road" since I noticed there'd always be that exact number of four people crossing to the coffee shop I'm in, I feel so ridiculous. With my slick dark leather loafers, skinnies, and a Rolling Stones tshirt I'm almost the most cliche looking British hipster out there. Hipster, it's like what you go kill out in the woods or something. Anywho here the story rolls in.

I was leaning against the wall close to the strip club that opened a few days ago and only at night. I kick the pebbles lying around me seeing if there'll be a damsel checking my little charming moves I find so. Pretending like no ones watching I move my jaw side to side creating this mysterious aura. What can I say, I got the jaw line the dark hair and eyes, a firm nose, i felt like Elvis. Well as time went by there was no damsel taking a step towards me, maybe the little ladies are just shy and full of baby butterflies in their tummies I guess. Sighing I took a turn away from the alley till someone took a hand to my shoulder.

"Aye Elvis" my shoudlers froze in place as my eyes grew wide, the person spoke again "who thinkin' you can just scramble round this place thinking you'll find success?" the person came out from the alley. All raggedy with holes in his suit which was rather nice actually, rather businessmen like. I imagined him as someone who is a smoker, maybe an alcoholic.
"The names Andrew"
"Andrew Loog Oldham?" I noticed his hair being rather blonde but I remembered him as being a red head. He stumbled against the wall looking rather dizzy. Holding his head with impatience I waited for his response.
"K boy, don't be a sissy a*s I want to talk to you"
"Um sure," I didn't move too close to him since i wasn't sure what he was capable of but I stood a good well distance "what's up if I shall ask?"
"Man, back in the day when music was actually music" he shook his head as his bony feet and hands were rather flat against the dirt floor "you definately remind me of Elvis, man how much I loved the kiss curl look, you really can pull it off"
"Uh thanks?"
"The thing is kid I've worked with the music business and loved film, oh yes when we got our first tv, I was hooked"
"Why are you in this dump right now?" wasn't sure if that sounded too pleasant but Oldham took seat on the crate labeled Green Muse. He started sniffing and noticed the crate was open a little. He took a stretch inside the crate grabbing only one.
"Here kid, I want you to drink this"
"I know what that s**t is, you trying to kill me with wormwood?"
"You're not going to die, just try it, I want to hear your perspective"

Round and round I couldn't spy anything savorable but Andrew sitting on the crate peacefully. Not smiling but rather speculating and observing my every move. The colors fused like psychedelic colors streaming in flashy lightening, then I noticed they were green. I followed the green plasma it looked as, and turning I saw Andrew Loog Oldham following behind me, watching my every move. I don't think he would've cared about me but what I were to lead through this drink I wouldn't ever know what.

"Ah Elvis, you've passed the test"
"My god, sounds like the thing in the movies..."
"I've seen many movies, and no this isn't in one"
"What did I do? you made me high off this drink"
"If only you knew what"
"Oh god"
"i wasn't anything bad Elvis" it wasn't my name but i told him earlier it was Liam but he ignored.
"What did I do? God tell me! Ah I'm leaving"

As Liam took a step out of the alley Andrew took a flip phone out texting to a man that was known throughout the world

"Lennon, I think we've found a future revolution here"

© 2009 Z

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Added on June 24, 2009




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