Angry Flower

Angry Flower

A Poem by Beth

It sat and bloomed year after year,

delicate windblown flower.

All who passed by upon the road

saw and stopped to admire

fragrant petals, translucent leaves,

a token of Life's Innocence.

But deep, down deep, the flower was ANGRY.

Every year with the rising of the summer sun,

she had to sit Alone.

Endure gawking fat noses

and pudgy inquiring fingers.

With every touch or admiring eyes,

the anger boiled faster, deeper.

No outward way to express itself,

the pressure built inside.

One night, the summer moon arose

and the anger fell to Despair.

The next morning, the passerby looked

and saw the shriveled stalk

the petals blackened from the fumes

transparent leaves fallen to the ground.

He plucked the stalk from its dead roots

and crushed it down into the dirt.

© 2008 Beth

Author's Note

Again - a Very Old Piece from when I did not know better :)

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awe this was really intense and wonderful.

Posted 10 Months Ago

You paint a very interesting perspective of a flower in brooding solitude.. the imagery is vivid and all woven together with poetic style!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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this was a deep thought, and a nice read, life death and hope,

Posted 10 Years Ago

Awww how sad :(

I like how you had a small climax to this. The flower kept getting mad over and over until it let its anger get the best of it.

Nice work! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

A dark poem, god use of language...

Posted 10 Years Ago

That's kind of depressing, but I don't mean it in a critical way. It just made me sad at the end, because the flower had all this pent up emotion it could do nothing about, because it's a flower and flowers are inhuman and therefore they can't express themselves like humans. But you know, you could expand it more. I know sunflowers do this - I'm not sure if this accounts for all flowers - but they turn to the sun during the day, so maybe you could make it even more sad and have the flower intentionally reject the sun's light for food and it kills itself that way. Now, that would be depressing. :( It's just a suggestion, though. I really like it, however. Some of the descriptions sounded a little cliche, so maybe you could add some metaphors and personification to change it up a bit, but overall it was a very enjoyable poem. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

So bitter. =)

I like the descriptive imagery that you included in this piece, such as the change from translucent leaves to transparent leaves. The sticking of fat noses and pudgy's good imagery, and I think the way that you personified the flower and gave it human emotions and feelings is brilliant. It's been done before of course but you do it in a different way with the imagery and resulting feelings within the flower that makes this poem a sweet read.

The strangest part of this poem is that the flower is lonely yet it detests the attention received by those who pass by. Normally, if I were to read that I would say that it doesn't make any sense, but in this piece it seems to intensify the loneliness of the flower in a very direct way, and I think it worked quite nicely.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Old piece
but a great write

I enjoyed it
Thank you for sharing

Orlando M

Posted 10 Years Ago


Poor flower! reminds me of a friend spending all his time trying to please his damn girl friend, keep her happy and feeling resentment towards her at the same time. Then at the slightest bit of stillness, here comes the boot to stomp him into the dirt as if he has lived out his usefulness.

Women are harsh!!! LOL

Posted 10 Years Ago

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