I am thinking of burning children;

I am thinking of burning children;

A Poem by zoophagous

Titles aren't my forte (which, by chance, means 'by chance' in Latin)

I am thinking of burning children; setting a school on fire in South East London.  I do not know where my sister is. There are certificates of my achievements all over my wall but it does not mean anything as they are just paper and I will burn them with the flesh. If I force feed them to the children first and wait for the nutrients to assimilate then I can cook the children and in them eat the certificates that have finally found a way to make themselves physical manifestations and something I can devour. 

Somewhere along the line paedophilia has become normal. "I was sexually assaulted when I was younger." "Me too." and that is that. To some men I am no different as a nine-year-old than I am as a 30-year-old prostitute and that seems to liberate them. It liberates me too. There are reasons for hating human beings.

I see nooses hanging from ceilings. On the highstreet, noose-styled necklaces are selling so fast you can hardly see the people moving in the shops. It is as if they have already done it.

© 2013 zoophagous

Author's Note

Grammar has really stopped being something I care about too much. Syntax just gets in the way.

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The image in the last paragraph is exciting. Perhaps all we are is kicking legs ending in feet which feel for stools.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Hello Zoo,

Brutally ignited like a shotgun in the mouth of society



Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on April 27, 2013
Last Updated on April 27, 2013
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