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Brighid an Lasair

Brighid an Lasair


I'm new

Myrtle Beach, SC
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About Me

Just a few facts about me:

I grew up just outside of Boston, I absolutely adore it, even now.

I'm a huge fan of the arts in general.

Many of my pieces were written in 24 hours diners over cups of coffee.

I have a very real obsession with the night sky and the ocean to the extent that I am unable to live happily away from the coast.

I graduated from high school at 16; college at 21.

I have been an avid writer since I was about 12 and was published, locally, for the first time when I was 13.

I firmly believe you can learn more about writing from the feedback of peers than text books.

I am a dreamer at heart and tend to see things from many angles and positions.

I will gladly read and review anything you send me, I also believe in reciprocity, so please return the favor.

I value honesty! Tell me what you really think, trying to sugar coat things doesn't allow for improvement but leads people to think they're at a good level which causes their work to become stagnant. I hate being overly critical, so if I'm browsing I tend to praise the pieces that really strike me and offer my suggestions for improving it, however, anything that you request review of will get my honest opinion in the form of constructive criticism.


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Posted 9 Years Ago

lots of thanks to you for reviewing my poems :)

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Posted 9 Years Ago

thank you very much for all you're reviews. i really do appreciate them. ill try to take all that you said into consideration :)

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Posted 9 Years Ago



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Posted 9 Years Ago

hey star. how are you?
thanks so much for the great reiew,
i'm looking forward to reading you
see you soon, Michael

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Posted 9 Years Ago

The universe loves you more than you are able to fully know. It loves you more than you love yourself. It loves you totally and unconditionally. There are no bounds to that love. You are loved beyond measure. There is nothing you can do to lose that love, and nothing you need do to win it.
The more you connect to this truth, the more magic and miracles you will allow into your life and the more effortless your successes will become, for you will realize there is no separation between you and the love of Source and anything you desire can be yours by choice.

The more you connect to the truth of who you are, your innocence, worth and magnificence, the more negative self-concepts and beliefs fall away as you experience yourself as the love of who you are and become an irresistible and miraculous magnet to the realities that you desire.

- by Aine Belton