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Oklahoma City, OK
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About Me

I am but a firefly who expresses her own reality via pen and paper

Alias: Broken
Schooling: In High-school
Favorite Activities: Writing and Drawing

{Social Media}
Instagram: @Broken_Serenity
Deviantart: ShoukKirishimao
Kik: EmoShouko
Snapchat: Broken_Serenity
Fanfiction: XxShoukoKirishimaxX
Wattpad: ShoukoKirizaki

{Resounding Quores}

"Doesn’t matter if you’re weak. If you struggle hard enough, you can make a miracle happen." -Minene Uryuu

"Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions. Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation." -Itachi Uchiha

"It doesn't matter how many relationships we seem to have. We're all alone." -Misaki Mei

"You don't need to blame yourself just because you've hurt someone, just like when you're walking you can't really blame yourself to crush some ants...that's what being stronger ones means." -Tsukiyama Shuu

"We're fighting for our own wishes.
It's normal not to get noticed or remembered."
-Homura Akemi

"Self-sacrifice... A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow. That is a true shinobi." -Itachi Uchiha


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Congratulations on the award!!!!!!!!