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About Me

Miss Melancholia [interviewer]: Captain Nostalgia!
Captain Nostalgia [interviewee]: Yes!

MM: Might I ask you a few questions?
CN: Go ahead, ma'am.

MM: Who would you say is your biggest influence in writing?
CN: Tough question! Well, I would have to say the novelists who have inspired me have been Vladimir Nobokov, Lemony Snicket, and Anne Rice for the most part. Though, mind you, they are only my fellow writer influences. I'm inspired by many other things and different people.

MM: I've known that you are also an artist of the drawing variety. Might I even say, manga-ka? What might be your influences for artwork such as that?
CN: You might say that, although manga hasn't been my only influence, my style seems to look it the most being that manga was discovered by me at an early age. My influences for that artwork have been Kouyu Shurei and the anime FLCL. Other none manga influences include Andy Warhol and rennaisance paintings. 1700's fashion also takes a big role in forming my style as a visual artist.

MM: Ahhh. So, spiritually, what would you say your age is?
CN: Spiritually? Probably near the very age I am now. Haha. I still admit I haven't been anywhere! I'm still way too ignorant to the world here. Ask me when I return from art school. I'll feel probably a hundred years older after learning from everyone there.



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But of course.

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LaRouge LeBadaus.