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About Me

An artist. A dreamer. A writer. A storyteller. I am Chryiss.
These stories are the culminations of my imagination. Will you share in my daydreams?

My latest fantasy novel, My World To Live, is available on various writing websites (Wattpad & Tapas), but recently (4/6/19), I have thus moved and updated on Webnovel and Royal Road. It can be accessed through the links given on Writers Cafe or searched under the same book and pen name. I'd appreciate any feedback, thank you~! :)

I also like reviewing writing, so if you want to share something, by all means drop me a message! (I may or may not chose to read all "Read Requests," so a message is better if you really want me to review.)

[ On January 15, 2019, I completed a one month contest from Dec 14, 2018. I gave individual reviews for all 71 submissions. In my Blog, you can view winners and special mentions in detail if you're looking for good reads. ]

For stories, I enjoy reading fantasy, mystery, drama, romance, and adventure genres the most. However, in general, any fiction or semi-fictional story will do.

I do, on occasion, disappear on a hiatus of sorts for random lengths of time. So, if I don't respond, it's likely due to that.


My Favorite Pieces from Other Writers:

Ode to the Tired Ones || solsystemtillnervsystem
The Seven Deadly Sins || Lexi Askew
An Adoring Rose || Kay
Across the Bridge of Memories || Kay
I Am A Rape Victim || JungLee

Please give these a read if you're able. They are truly beautifully and intelligently written pieces. I personally put these up on my own and have not been asked by the authors. All credits rightly to each author. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the WritersCafe community.


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Posted 2 Years Ago

Uwah~! I've returned from the dead! (sorta) I was only active for a short spell anyway, and I fluctuate quite a lot in my online and writing activity, so if I haven't responded to something, it's likely I'm on a random hiatus. 4/6/19

These days, you can find me on Webnovel and RR~ (:
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