"If no one cheers, well, I can keep on waiting.'

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About Me

I've been writing for seven years, and really hope to reach people with my stories and at least make someone feel they can relate, or smile. I started out writing a sequel for my favorite game, Twilight Princess, but now create my own original works. Gabbie Hanna's and AJR's music is a huge inspiration for me. Working on a story, and fleshing everything out is the best feeling in the world, and I hope you enjoy my upcoming stories as much as I do. I want more than anything to make someone feel something with what I make and get it published. It means the world to me when you read and review, especially my stories, and helps ease the constant feeling of always waiting in the wings.


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Posted 1 Week Ago

Upcoming Stories:

We All Have A Story To Tell
There's A Place
LA Devotee
Two Reflections
4:00 AM
Won't Let You Go
(Names may change)

The Steamer
First Murder

Whirlwind (Catra, She Ra based poem)
Wait (Cassandra, Tangled based poem)
Controversy (Adam and Winona, LA Devotee based poem)
The Ache (Emetophobia based poem)
How To Destroy The World (Winona based poem)

Dear AJR, the band who made me love music again.
The Making Of Everlasting Dawn

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Posted 3 Weeks Ago

I'm so excited for everyone to read these stories, starting with LA Devotee. They all mean so much to me. In this series, there will be six books, if you count the prequels. Get ready for so much more- ghosts, revenge, evil corporates, mysteries, adventures, insane twists and cliffhangers, and... someone trying to tear apart the universe. If you read this and keep reading, know it means the world to me, because writing and writing these stories is my livelihood. I'll probably update the story every Sunday from now on, so please keep an eye out! It's my dream to get this series published and if you have any questions about it, just let me know! Thank you!

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Posted 6 Months Ago

Hey, everyone! My favorite singer Gabbie Hanna just came out with her new single 'Call Me Crazy', please, please, check it out. She deserves all of the attention and she's a self-made artist! Tell her I sent you! Not really, lol. Hope everyone's having a good day <3