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About Me

My poetry is going to be read on a Youtube Channel, Diverse TV, Writing On The Wall! This is a very big deal for me, and I'd love it if you could check it out when it comes out, but give the channel love and attention too! If you have a Youtube account, please subscribe and give them some thumbs up! I'm very excited to follow the channel and see my own poems up there! Here's the link for the channel.

Link to the video

I've been writing for seven years, and really hope to reach people with my stories and at least make someone feel they can relate, or smile. I started out writing a sequel for my favorite game, Twilight Princess, but now create my own original works. AJR's and Shane Dawson is a huge inspiration for me.
I really love the TV shows, and movies, Meet The Robinsons, Luca, and Road to El Dorado, Amphibia, The Owl House, Tangled The Series, and Catra specifically from She Ra, so expect to maybe see some work inspired by that!
Working on a story, and fleshing everything out is the best feeling in the world, and I hope you enjoy my upcoming stories as much as I do. I want more than anything to make someone feel something with what I make and get it published. It means the world to me when you read and review, especially my stories, and helps ease the constant feeling of always waiting in the wings.


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Posted 2 Months Ago

Hey, everyone! Due to some helpful criticism, I've gotten rid of a chapter or two, and just put important bits and pieces into the others, so the story kicks off sooner and it's not so repetitive. Thanks for sticking around! It was a bit of a hard decision to get rid of some big chunks, but they were just mindless monologuing I can get through to the reader another way. The story starts off with the protagonist struggling with an eating disorder- but the heart of this story isn't just the disordered eating. It's about an emetophobic and bulimic falling in love, and that love is the real heart of it and I wanted to get that across better. Thank you for reading and helping!

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Posted 3 Months Ago

Upcoming Stories:

LA Devotee
Reflective Surface
Cracks Of Light

The Steamer

(My poetry is extremely spontaneous so I don't have a list! But expect plenty of poetry. (:)

Dear AJR, the band who made me love music again.

The Making Of Everlasting Dawn
(I'll continue to edit onto my Cancel Culture post!)