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I keep my head in the clouds, don’t care when I’m getting loud.’- Gabbie Hanna

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About Me

🐱💙My biggest writing inspirations are Lorde, Gabbie Hanna, and Phoebe Bridgers. If you like any of them feel free to talk to me about it! Never be afraid to go on tangents to talk about interests you like. I’m not a author, a poet, a painter, or an cartoonist. I’m just an artist, and that’s the only box I’ve ever fit into. I always appreciate reviews, and always review back. If no one else in this world is looking out for you, I am. I just want my art shown to the world and to tell the story I have to tell.

‘Standing in the shadows of the angels, you really shone through.’ -Vertigo Cat.

(Homophobes, transphobes, racists, etc, screw off) 💙🐱


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Posted 1 Year Ago

Upcoming Stories:

Feels Like Home (Title may change)
(LA Devotee is cancelled! Thank you for all the constructive critisicm that helped me to move onto better things.)

The Steamer

(This isn't all of it- just very upcoming ones because my poetry is extremely spontaneous!)

Dull Pink

Lit Path


Promise Me

Lavender Duet

You Matter To Me

Astronomical Mind

Tall Skies

Goldilocks And The F**k Up

Blue Bow

Crayon Games


Time Passes

Leave Together

Butterflies Finale


Self Damn Sabotage


CEO, For A While

Storm Over Windmills

5 Year Old Forest


Kind Of A Huge Deal

Toxicity Leads To Violence Becoming The Majority

Memories I Can Make Elsewhere

Five Years

Just Another Lost Writer, Out Of Ideas

Quiet Haircut

Thank You, Me

Christmas This Year


This Villain Wins

Teddy Bear Comparisons

Pie Crust

Season Premiere

Why Do I Bother?

(And WAY, WAY, WAY more!)