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About Me

"Am I loud and clear or am I breaking up?" Well Im Eric Vincent Orosco, really thats not much to go on. You might assume im Mexican, which you could be right about. Maybe im rich, French maybe? But then you'd see my look in disgust at Mexican restaurants, what do you assume then? What if i add my cats name is Church? Okay then i guess its possible to assume im religious but then there a rainbow flag on my desk along with GSA posters. Then am i gay? What if you ask my ex-girlfriends? Maybe i love the horror movies? How about when i pull out my Hope Floats DVD? Now lets say my CD player has five CDs in it; Rise Against, Three Days Grace, The sound track of RENT, Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin. So what can you assume about that? Could i be a rocker? Well what if you saw on my IPod Dixie Chicks? Am i an activist? There are flyer's for human right scattered through my room...lets not forget that animal liberation poster, could i be part of Peta or ALF? What if you saw that KFC box in my room? Could you say im heartless? What about if you saw my journal? Read the love poems and romance stories ive written? What if you saw all my friends were girls? Then i guess you can assume im either gay or very feminine. What f someone pointed out that i was raised by my mom and most of my family is women and gay guys? What if i told you about all the long nights i spent waiting fro my dad to come home...what if you heard the tears i cried over the years...or the times i went to go see my dad in jail? Lets not forget to mention the times my hearts been ripped apart...or when all my friends start to hate me...or that one friend who really hurt me...not to mention being called a f* about so happiness? Like that girl i cant stop thinking about, or maybe even when i spend time with my mom, or with my best friend Christine. What about singing RENT all day? Or the peace im in while running? Can i even mention when me and my dad are playing Time Crisis for 2 hours straight? Now i ask you to think about all that.......who am i? What am i? I guess that the answers up to you to figure out, do you have fact or just assumptions?


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Hello, thanks for joining the group, Simple words Simpe writers.. of you have any suggestions, post them.

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