I write so that I don't have to let the monster inside me get out by itself

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About Me

Hey, I'm 19 years old.
My writing is everything for me, if it's in my mind, it's on a page. it's the only thing that actually gets me to leave the universe i am at right now and find a better one, or make up a better one.
My hobbies are dancing, writing, reading, painting, photography, singing and surfing.
And that's me.


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Posted 3 Years Ago

Well, i was in my early teenage when I started writing poems. Actually I did it with a reason. I did it for someone. I didn't have the courage to express and voice out that feeling to that someone that's why I just released it with my pen and paper. At first, it was a love letter but in the end it end up with a poem. So that's it, but I don't remember the poem because I don't remember the feeling anymore. HA-ha! Just kidding, well it was just a draft and it's been a long time that's why I can't remember the poem. The point is, I did write.
Not just to me, I believe every writer started writing because of either Inspiration or Desperation. Whatever it is, the bottom line is the expression of feelings and thoughts. ###

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Posted 3 Years Ago

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Posted 4 Years Ago

Hello there fellow writer,

I would love to know why you write and what you think about it.
Of course, you may or may not answer any question you'd like or ask me anything.
These are the questions i came up with, again, you don't have to answer them all.
You can write your answer here or send me a mail. :D

1) At what age did you start to write?

2) why do you write? (an actual reason)

3) has anything dramatic ever happened to you? what happened?

4) do you think you would have written if it didn't happen?

5) why do you think other people write?

If you have any thing else to add, be my guest.

Thank you so much!!! ;)