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It's rude to watch! (Part 3)

It\'s rude to watch! (Part 3)

A Chapter by Kurobarachi

“Soubi!” Ritsuka yelled as he walked angrily to the entrance where his Fighter was waiting, leaning on one of the posts and smoking as usu..
It's rude to watch! (Part 1)

It\'s rude to watch! (Part 1)

A Chapter by Kurobarachi

“I need to go,” came Soubi’s deep voice as he stood up and packed his things. “You’re going to leave me here to work ..
It's rude to watch! (Part 2)

It\'s rude to watch! (Part 2)

A Chapter by Kurobarachi

Ritsuka nervously glanced sideways to the door, visually checking if it was locked, before looking back at the monitor. He licked his lips and made hi..
It's rude to watch! (Part 4 -END-)

It\'s rude to watch! (Part 4 -END-)

A Chapter by Kurobarachi

“I still can’t believe Kio got them drunk,” Ritsuka told Soubi, shaking his head as they walked side by side. “Did you see how..