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About Me

I'm Allie :}
I'm a soon-to-be fifteen year old. Kinda excited about it, kinda not depending on the day. I love writing which is why I'm here :}
I mainly just write poems, random thoughts, and weird quotes I come up with.
I guess my writings would be classified by what most people call "emo poems" which I don't have a problem with, you may call me whatever you'd like. My writings are me and that's the important thing.
I really love music. I like to sing and I don't suck at it. (At least not to my knowledge.) And would love to play the guitar, but sadly I have no patience for learning. I really like Anime and anything vampire or magical related.

Random things:

Reading makes me happy.
My friends make me smile. ^__^
Writing is my everything.
As is drawing sketching etc...
I am happy to say that I'm now friends with my big sisi (sissy)
I hate not being calm. Unless I'm hyper then it's okay.
I hate fighting. I'd rather go run and hide.
I like it when boys are shy. (I'm pretty shy as well)
I constantly snap myself with rubber bands. O.O (don't worry it doesn't hurt)
I believe the eyes are the window to the soul.
And that we're all here for a reason, but the hard part is figuring it out.
Adults make me nervous.
I love the sound of rain, and the sound a pen, marker, or pencil makes when it moves across the paper.

And yes. I'm a rather odd person.