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I'm new

Queen Anne's County, MD
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About Me

Hi there! Just thought I'd change my profile to make it more brief. I know how reading a long profile can feel. Enjoy and check out my writing :]

Age= 16
Hair Color= black
Eye Color= hazel brown
Occupation= student (high school junior)
School= homeschool
Birthday= Feb. 7
Fav. Sports= golf, soccer, tennis, and hockey

*4 Things That I Love*
My Wii
My MP3 player

Fav Genres of Music: hip-hop, rock, techno, 60s tunes
Fav Band: Green Day
Fav TV Show(s): Spongebob, The Simpsons, Nitro Circus, America's Next Top Model, America's Best Dance Crew

1) I'm a Christian
2) I love politics
3) I'm a feminist, as you can tell from my avatar
4) I like to watch police chases on TruTV( I don't understand that myself)
5) I'm a hoarder... I have trouble throwing away old magazines, especially if there's an article about someone I "like"
6) I love to wear colorful clothes
7) I share a birthday with Charles Dickens and Dimitri Mendeleev( the guy who made the periodic table)
8) I took a Spanish class and forgot the whole language
9) I carry a dictionary around in my pocket book( it's not like I'll come across a word I don't know in public, but whatever)
10) I hate cats

Since I'm homeschooled, you probably have questions for me. I'll asnswer some of the common questions:

Q: Why are you homeschooled?
A: Because my parents dislike the public school system. I'm not saying EVERY public school is bad, but the ones in my area are terrible. And besides that explanation, it just happens to be my life. Now I've only been living for 16 years, so don't expect me to explain my life.

Q: Do you like homeschooling?
A: Yeah, pretty much. I've kind of wanted to try public school for at least a week, but from what my regular school friends tell me, I suddenly change my mind.

Q: Is homeschooling legal?
A: You're kidding, right?

Q: Do you have any friends?
A: Yes, I'm not a loner. I have four friends, including two BFFs.

Q: How do you meet people?
A: I meet people through church, family members and family friends. Except a girl I met through a family friend wasn't very nice to me, and every time I was around she pretty much ignored me. Of course, she went to public school.

Q: Do you takes tests and quizzes?
A: Yes, in every single subject, I have a quiz in the middle and a test at the end of the chapter just like every other kid.

Q: Who grades your stuff?
A: My mom.

Q: Are you going to homeschool your kids?
A: Yes. Hopefully I'll have twin girls, and I'm going to send them to regular school for elementary and middle, but once they start junior high, I'll pull them out and homeschool them =)

Q: Do you have like fifteen or twenty sibilings?
A: No. I'm an only child and I have a half sister who's thirty-something.

Q: Do you stay in the house all day?
A: Only if it's raining, but if not, then my mom and I go out.

Q: You'll never get a chance to go to your prom, will you?
A: Yes, I will! Actually, my umbrella school holds a prom every year for homeschooled seniors. I'm definitely going, and so far I have two possible dates in mind :]

Q: Are you stuck doing school all day?
A: No, I start at nine-thirty in the morning and finish at twelve-thirty in the afternoon.

Thanks for reading my profile! Feel free to leave a comment and check out my photos :D


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Posted 12 Years Ago

That's cool that you're homeschooled. i haven't officially started yet. i have to finish out the semester or else they'll make me start the year over.

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh my goodness! It's you! Kathryn Rhodes from WW right? How have you been?? I haven't talked to you in ages!

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Posted 12 Years Ago

You're welcome :}

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Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm homeschooled too, it's awesome! High five!

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Hey! I havent talked to you in a long time1