3rd Chance

3rd Chance


Drinking these cheap bottles of wine, sit talking up all night, say things we haven't for awhile, yeah

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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About Me

Hullo there.

If you're reading this, I shall assume you're here to find out more about me, or my writing, so I'll oblige you!

I go by the pen name of 3rd Chance, or Thirdchance - though if you prefer, you can call me Max.

Why is my pen name "3rd Chance"?

Well, I first started writing for a girl. We're no longer together. But by no fault of hers. She gave me a second chance, after all, when I messed up the first time. But we had an argument, and I said some things that I now regret. And it was over. And since I've never forgotten her, or who I first started writing for, I've decided to make my selfish wish for a 3rd chance from her my pen name.

My presence here means I'm obviously a writer, but what kind of writer? Well, I asked myself that question when I was a kid and discovered I had a passion for writing. To that end, I've dabbled in poetry, adventure journalism, and screenwriting, and while I enjoy them all, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a novelist at heart. A storyteller.

I've been writing for a long time, and I've been writing in all genres, and many formats, to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I'm in love with fantastical realms, fantastic creatures, and the fantasy genre as a whole. However, I don't limit myself to fantasy, and I'm a fan of well-penned stories of all genres. If you've got something interesting to show me, then feel free to send me a read request. I'm more than willing to read it when I have the time. I do however prioritize stories over poetry.

I'm currently enlisted in the navy, which does make it hard to write and review. However, I'll do my best to look at read requests sent my way whenever and wherever I can - Perhaps you'll be so kind as to read my work as I read yours! :)


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Posted 8 Years Ago

Hi, thanks for your friendship.

"Seventy two pieces of poetry from the perspective of all seventy two Demons that Solomon is said to have evoked and confined in a brass vessel sealed by magic symbols" (Ars Goetia)

The Elusive Mr Dunne

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Dear 3rd Chance,

Thanks for the add!

Sincerely Victorious

God bless you!