John Putignano

John Putignano


Do not be afraid to put the baby in the meat grinder, the readers will love it.

Seekonk, MA
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About Me


My writing tends to be very dark and often includes sensitive subject matter. In many of my stories the narrator is an unsavory character and the tale is written from their perception. I have to stress that these characters do not reflect on my own personal views. I’m a die hard liberal, a feminist and a part of the LGBT community. Many of the characters that the reader will encounter are exaggerated examples of people that I have met throughout my life, and I have met some terrible people.

I leave you with a trigger warning. Some of the stories contain elements of violence, sexual abuse, misogyny and racism.

I live outside Providence RI but grew up in the Massachusetts South Shore. For thirteen years I lived in North Carolina’s Foothills which inspired much of my writing.

I have been published by Sirius Limited Esoterica and Martinet Press. A lot of my work is self published through Entheogenic Lab Publishing.

I am currently a student earning my degree in Psychology. I served in the Army National Guard and worked several years at one of North Carolina’s toughest prisons. Working at the prison opened my eyes to social issues and pushed me further left in my politics. I have been an vocal of inmate rights and correctional reform.

I am also a musician. My solo projects include The Putrefaction, Black Lodge Laboratory, Ahriman the Desolate, The Carolina C***s, and Fetus Ripper. I have also played in the bands Lachrymal, Tierra Del Fuego, Zyklon Death and Qayinleamas. My musical genres include goregrind, black metal, industrial, punk, and IDM/experimental electronic. My primary focus is my IDM/Industrial project The Putrefaction.

My styles of writing include horror, splatterpunk, Southern American gothic, and rural noir. I also have written books on the occult, specifically Satanism, Luciferianisn, Voodoo, Quimbanda, the Cult of Santa Muerte and Kabbalah. I have written these under the pen names Asha’Shedim and Aka Paimon. I was the founder and co-leader of the worldwide Satanic cult, The Lilin Society.