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About Me

I’m an amateur writer and love writing just as much as i love reading manga, drawing, listening to music, and watching anime
I write my stories while seeing them play out as an anime in front of them
I’m always open to feedback
I’ve loved writing for four years, ever since i was thirteen and I’m looking to better myself, actually i used to write before but stopped for a while and started up again four years ago

Right now I'm really looking for people’s opinions of my Battle of Light and Dark (not the school version) i would like to know if people think it's too long or something isn't explains well, basically anything you think can be improved upon, any reviews are greatly appreciated

P.S. I'm really curious to see what people think of:
(a) My writing in general
(b) My story ideas
(c) My writing style

I would really appreciate it if people could read my writing and tell me, as the story goes on, if anything comes to mind which I could improve on


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