Music is the air I breathe, books the food I eat... and apparently there's insanity in the water.


Poseidon's Cabin, Camp Half-Blood, United Kingdom
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About Me

Ummm.. Okay.

So I don't really know what to put here. What is there to know about me? None of it's really all that interesting. Anyway, here goes:

- I'm fifteen (soon to be 16)
- I am a HUGE nerd over many things. (Mostly books)
- I <3 English. I realise it may not be totally normal to love going to English class, but I do. M'kay?
- I love to read. Not only do I have a giant book shelf but my books may have also taken over my mother's bookshelf.
- I am super weird and random. Always have been, always will be. At least I'm proud of my inner weirdo and embrace it fully.
- I HATE (hatehatehate) bad grammar. Would it really kill people to use an apostrophe once in a while? Or know the difference between 'there' , 'their', and 'they're'? No.
- I really love music. I listen to it all the time (well maybe not ALL the time, but you get my meaning) and it really helps to calm me and inspire me - so it's especially great for when I'm writing. A few of my favourite artists/bands are: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Two Door Cinema Club, Mayday Parade, Linkin Park, Muse and Hot Chelle Rae.
- Skittles are awesome. Nuff said.
- Kites freak me out. Don't ask.

So that's me (sort of).

Also, I realise what I've written may not be formatted properly and will have typo's. But hey - I'm sixteen, I can't get it edited professionally and I don't have loads of free time. And I'm sorry if I use too many/ too few commas for your liking. I do that.

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default." ~ J.K. Rowling