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About Me

Why, hello there. Come poking at my profile, have you? Oh, you'll be sorry yet. But, I suppose I can only let you figure that out for yourself.
My name is Mr. ---, but you can call me Yori, if you like - or K', for short. I guess I'm here because I do that "writing" thing, where you pick up some nice words and push them around a bit until you explode -- I mean, until you've got them in the order that tells people about the worlds in your head. It's a funny hobby, and a frustrating one, particularly with the worlds in my head.
Don't expect to find too much happy here, though I try sometimes, I really do. There's just always so much angst that comes to the surface, first - especially with the muses on which I'm currently focusing - namely, Silinrul, and his adorable lover (boytoy) Nihalsi. Though they're pretty content nowadays, they've both had their low points.
That brings me to another point: in my stories? Women sort of...don't happen. I'm working on that, I swear (except not really). So yes, there will be and is homosexual love. If you don't like it, you'd be better off looking elsewhere.
So if you're into homosexual sadomasochistic stories of Angst Muffins and the People That Love Them, please, feel free to take a look at what I have so far (which isn't currently much; it seems my other stories have been randomly deleted). I just ask that you be gentle; while it may not be my first time, it really never seems to get much easier (though I've learned that it hurts less if you don't struggle).


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Posted 13 Years Ago

Thank you for the review. I'm glad you realized that girl-types can be cool, too. :D. They're not so hard to wriiiiite.

- Kiwi