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About Me

I'm not really much of an author at this point..
I've got one short story, a parody of Sleeping Beauty which I wrote for my english class, and a couple of poems..

I'm a teenager living in rural Ontario.

My love of non-human "things" extends to writing (though it's more of a love-hate relationship.. I can write a lot all at once, or I can go WEEKS without anything), reading (my obsession), anime, cats, online chat rooms...
And of course, I love my friends with every fiber of my being.

My writing makes no sense. It never does and probably never will. It's basically just every emotion and thought I'm having at the moment, trying to express its self. I also have a bad habit of writing each sentance/thought as it's own line. That's probably why I find it easier to write "poetry" than to write stories. It probably doesn't help that I can get severe writer's block with longer projects. My current story for example : I have it all planned out, but I just can't seem to write it down.

OK, enough of my rambling (another bad habit). Get on with your lives.

Still here?
A few more points about me :
- I write like I'm depressed.
- I dress dark, but whoever tells me I can't skip at the same time needs to re-examine their perception of the world.
- I act like I'm on top of the world and full of sunshine and rainbows.
- I'm a Gemini, and have all the traits associated with that (wich can get me into trouble ^^").
- Full Metal Alchemist should be its own religion.
- Writing... Is my way of saying the words I can't express aloud.
- Bad grammar is evil, and I will spot it.
- I ramble. A LOT. If it gets too bad, jsut smack me. I won't mind.
- If I sound too intense, I'm sorry, really. It's just the way things come out sometimes.


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Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks a bunch for the review, it really helped! I look forward to reading your work :)

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