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About Me

Well I am ME. Who else can I BE? I am Italian-American (because of my father who made the journey over to the U.S. on a cruiseship and loved it too much to ever leave). So, it would be perfectly obvious that I would have the ability to speak fluent Italian, but sadly I am lacking. Luckily, since I live in a town inhabited by mostly South American people, which gives me the advantage of being able to speak a little bit of gringa Espanol, and understand mostly all Spanish that's spoken to me, that means I understand all Italian. And seriously, I do.

I guess I'm cute, at least that's what THEY (family members, friends, etc) are always telling me. Look, I would go into extreme detail about my appearance if it weren't for all the psycho pervs on the Internet. I'll give you a short..really bad description though:
Dark brown, curly hair that I sometimes straighten to make it look better. Hazel eyes with lots of explosions of green. Fair skin and freckles that now (Thank God and Baby Jesus) are fading away. I stand at '5 3" and have a soft body that you would think "Boy, she's definitely not an athlete, but not bad at all!" I think that's a fair description of my body.

Me, well I am a skinny jeans and T-shirts kind of gal. Although I've kinda been transitioning into something else.

The big thing you NEED to know about me as that I LOVE to write. It is my pride and joy, my passion. I want to be an actress extremely badly as well and I have an extremely good voice.

I am not a bragger and I know I sound like I am, and if I do then I apoloize. But please, please, do not judge me by this About Me thing. My writing's what I care about. NOT ME.