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Aftermath;Destiny's Challenge 1

Aftermath;Destiny\'s Challenge 1

A Book by artaqstar

Fantasy, adventure, young adult. eighteen year old girl who for the past three years has been in charge of an underground compound. Now discovers tha..
Aftermath; Destiny's Challenge chapter1

Aftermath; Destiny\'s Challenge chapter1

A Chapter by artaqstar

Fantasy,adventure. Eighteen year old ventures into a new world.
Aftermath;Destiny's Challenge2

Aftermath;Destiny\'s Challenge2

A Chapter by artaqstar

Fantasy, adventure, Young adult. Destiny find out what is in store for her.
Aftermath;Destiny's Challenge3

Aftermath;Destiny\'s Challenge3

A Chapter by artaqstar

fantasy, action adventure, friendship
Aftermath;Destiny's Challenge Intro

Aftermath;Destiny's Challenge Intro

A Chapter by artaqstar

Intro for Aftermath.. It shows the world being thrown into chaos.