'Project: Short Story'  May 6, 2007 - May 21, 2007

Contest Completed


Project: Short Story Gold Award - [writing deleted]
Project: Short Story Silver Award - \"I have a problem.\"
Project: Short Story Bronze Award - [writing deleted]
Project: Short Story Runner-up - [writing deleted]
Project: Short Story Runner-up - Oh, Sweet Surrender
Project: Short Story Runner-up - [writing deleted]


For this contest, submissions must be in a short story format. They can be of any topic that the writer pleases, whether they be already on writerscafe.org or completely new submissions.

There is no word limit, but please do not submit entries in parts. It must also be a complete short story, not the first part of something longer. Only one submission per member, so choose wisely as to which piece of work will represent you.

Votes will be counted based on members voting. There is no cash reward for this contest, merely a chance for us all to mingle and express ourselves through our writing.

Contest will be open for two weeks, starting today (7th May). There will be three awards allocated.


First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize.


Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


Created May 7, 2007