[Slug]worth, Willy Wonka, and Those Damn Oompa loompas!  August 11, 2010 - August 26, 2010

Contest Completed


The Golden Ticket - David
Slug-up - Shackleton
Third slug - Listen
Salted Slug - [writing deleted]


This contest is about slugging around and getting your filthy hands on the golden ticket without actually buying a candy bar. Yes! Yes! This contest is about cutting corners by writing about a famous art piece, book, movie, or song that already exists. Yes! You must write an Ekphrasis!


The rules are simple, write about something that already exists. The basic goal is to write about that something philosophically, or blandly (your choice), and to go beyond the object, presenting the reader with a new idea or philosophy by the end of your poem.

I will be Judging on three things:

Staying On Topic/ Achieved The Goal

Good luck to all you slugs out there, and may the slickest and the slimiest, prevail!

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks.


An official hand drawn slug for the one who wins the golden ticket!



10 Contestants
13 Submissions
Created Aug 11, 2010

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