5 Minute Inspiration  March 12, 2009 - March 21, 2009

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The All Nighters of WC! Feature - Five Minutes In Hell
5 Minute Inspiration Award - I Surely Need Seven Hands!!!
5 Minute Inspiration Award - LOVE REMAINS ENIGMA
5 Minute Inspiration Award - For you.
5 Minute Inspiration Award - Caterpillar
5 Minute Inspiration Award - [writing deleted]
5 Minute Inspiration Award - [writing deleted]
5 Minute Inspiration Award - [writing deleted]


Want a challenge? Find anything or any picture that inspires you to write, and try writing a poem in 5 minutes! I got this idea after reading a poem of mine that I wrote in 5 minutes for a contest called 'Impulsive Keyboard'. So I'm giving credit to that contest for the idea.

**Note: Don't bail out after this contest is done if you have joined the group The All Nighters of Writerscafe. The only reason I saw that is that if you won, your piece, you wouldn't be featured in my group because you bailed out after the contest was done.

Note: I know there's eight awards, and there's six people. The contest thing got screwed up when I was doing something, so that's why it's like that.


Just to feel great!


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Nicole Renee
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