Christian Poetry  December 7, 2010 - December 9, 2010

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Best God Breathed Poem ~ Us by Tate Mrogan - Not Me Us
Best Inspirational Poem ~ Little Razor Blade by jumbie's #1 fan - Little Razor Blade
Best Christian Poem ~ My Lord, My Life by PoetGirl - My Lord, My Life


I want to Debut a Winner of the Best God Breathed, Christian Poetry.
"Let's Celebrate Jesus!"
~ The poem must be spoken By God through you. (I will let God be your judge on that one. He will know if it was spoken through him)
~ I want them to be short to medium length.
~ Include a Picture & a Video of a song that most resembles it, or the feeling that goes along with it.
~ Videos must be Christian Worship, Contemporary or Hymns.
~ Please pay special attention to what is needed to be a Winner.
If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, I request that the video you choose has Lyrics with it. I have taken ASL, I can sign but not understand being spoken too. I just am unable to remember what it is.. some i can but most no. ASLReverend on Youtube has fantastic Videos for deaf & hearing.
ADDED NOTE: I am not Religious, I have a Personal Relationship with God. I am a sinner saved by God. Jesus died on the cross for my sins, He rose from the dead 3 days later & He is coming to get us real soon. If you believe this too. Then Please Enter My Contest. Thanks!
Have an Awesome & Blessed Day or Night!


$0.00, Recognition of the Best Christian Writers of this Contest (According to me, Im His Daughter)



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