Cloak and Dagger Writers Image Contest  January 3, 2009 - June 1, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


For this contest I am looking for a piece of writing that entails a synopsis of their writerscafe profile page. Tell people about what you invisionfor yourself in your future as a writer.

This contest is about presentation of your image as an individual writer apart from other writers, or simply as an individual.

Writers on this site have the rare opportunity of experimenting with presenting themselves without being confined to committing to the image they are choosing to represent.

For this contest I will be looking at each contestant's profile page. The contest winners will be judged based not on their profile page, but on how well their synopsis benefits the image that represents them as a writer based on their profile page.
(hint): If your profile page happens to be a less ostentatious display as another writer, you could be a winner just based on what your writing presents to the reader about the page.(if you are a good bullshitter, this could be the contest for you.)

Example: "...My profile page expresses me as a writer by..."
"...I envision myself with an image in my future as a writer by...(include referrences to subjects on your profile)..."

*********Good sense of humor a plus.


one month gauranteed review of any piece or pieces of your choosing, Featured writer for one month at Cloak and Dagger


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