Finding Beauty:?  July 2, 2019 - August 2, 2019

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Beauty in Definition - Memoirs
Beautiful Ugly - One Father to Another
Mesmermorial - Wonderment


The Task… write me a poem or prose about something you find beautiful that most people find ugly. Or write about something you find ugly and make it beautiful. Anything at all  the idea is to write something so drop dead gorgeous about something absolutely repulsive. No other rules the real object here is to have fun!
So just for fun I am as a reward going to share my jar of gift cards with you folks! I just turned 50 this year and as you may know when your 50 that’s what people end up giving you for your birthday many of these no doubt have been re-gifted to me who knows how many times;? So my first prize is 50 dollar gift card of your choice second prize is a 25 dollar gift card and a third prize 25 dollar gift card I have many to choose from including a couple of visa cards.
I will of course review all of your submissions as a bonus for your efforts For the sake of my eyes will have to cut it at the first 50 entries I will select the top 10 in sequential order out of fifty and will have two others review and pick they’re favorites in order from my ten the winners will be chosen by the score of all three sets of reviews. (This way it’s a fair contest and I won’t get hate mail for not picking them as winners!)


$50.00, You choose from my jar of gift-cards



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