Forbidden Love  October 22, 2008 - December 25, 2009

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In my opinion, love is just like a rose. It has its thorns, all the pain and bad times that come with loving someone. Then, it has its petals, all the beautiful, joyous things. Every laugh, every cry, and every moment spent lying in each other's arms....and it's the same for everyone. Love is one most beautiful things out there, unstoppable in its glory. And in my opinion, the right to love should never be withheld from anyone. That's why this contest is dedicated to those whose love has been seen as inappropriate, whether it be two men, two women, or even a princess and a peasant.

This story can be anything but a poem (I'm sorry, but I don't understand them!) It can based on fiction, fan fiction, or even a biography of your life, if you just happen to be gay. Whatever suits you!




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